Zero X, First Commercial Proper Flagship Phone With OLED Display, And a periscope Camera Lens Model About To Be Launched By Infinix

Zero X,  First Commercial proper Flagship Phone With OLED display, And a Periscope Camera lens Model About to be launched by Infinix.

Stay in watch as infinix is set to launch Zero X, first commercial proper flagship model In the next few days to come.

  Come September 13, Infinix will be officially unveiling its next smartphone under the “Zero” lineup, the Infinix Zero X.

Bringing the cosmos closer to your eyes.

Now, the countdown begins. #SeeBeyond #FromZeroToHero#infinix

-Infinix Mobile Zero X,(@ Infinix_Mobile) September 7, 2021

And as people  had it, this phone is set to be positioned and to be seen as Infinix’s first commercial available proper flagship phone just like the Phantom X phone from Tecno Company, which means, it would be packing some flagship-worthy specs and hardware to justify the claims.

And speaking of specs, these means we’re expecting 6.7 inches sized OLED display panel, it’s probably going to be a flat panel because if it was to be a curved one, Infinix will take no chance in showing it off, and heavily advertising it as one of the main selling points of the new phone.

But, whether it’s going to be a curved display or not, the screen resolution will max out at 1080p+ (Full HD+), and it has been said to refresh at up to 120Hz rate.

But, I’m doubting this refresh rate part though, 90Hz sounds more natural to me since we’re talking about Infinix here, and not some other well-recognized and developed premium brands out there.

The phone’s body too, is likely going to be made out of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both the front and the back, of course I know that, and theres no two ways about it since Tecno already did it on the Phantom X.

Some people are also pointing that the phone will have the new Mediatek Helio G96 processor running inside it.

And as it is now these days, this phone should be having a base memory and storage configuration of at least 8GB RAM, and 128GB of internal storage and above.

The phone is rumored to take some cues from the futuristic Infinix Concept Phone that was announced a couple of months back, and as such, it is very likely that we are going to be seeing a periscope camera lens for the first time on a commercially available Infinix smartphone.

While the main camera sensor is said to tip the scales at 108MP, and a third sensor with an ultrawide lens, which is likely going to clock in at 13MP at this point.

Infinix Concept Phone 2021.
And as of recently, Infinix has been heavily advertising the Zero X as having the ability to capture clear pictures of the moon at night, which further stresses the point that “Yes“, the Zero X is definitely coming with a periscope camera lens and sensor.

Infinix Zero X launch date.
As expected, we should be expecting Android 11 out of the box with this phone, with no hopes of it ever getting updated to a newer android version, don’t be surprised, this is Infinix’s usual strategy of forcing you to buy new phones year after year just so you can be on the latest software and android version.

  According to the, the Battery capacity should be coming in anywhere between 4800mAh and 5000mAh because it’s a flagship, and since Infinix and Tecno are already beginning to push superfast charging tech to their phones with the Zero 8 and Phantom X both bumping out 33W worth of charging power to their batteries, it is safe to assume that the Infinix Zero X should be having something similar to that, or Infinix might even go crazy and decide to include the supersonic 160W ultrafast charging tech on the Zero X. Fingers crossed on this though.

So, you all should just keep your fingers crossed until the official launch date of the phone, which is happening on the 13th of September.

Until then, before we’ll fully and officially know what Infinix really has in store for us with the Zero X smartphone.

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