White Money Of BBN Naija – She Is The Kind Of Woman I Need For Marriage

White Money of BBN Naija-She Is The Kind Of Woman I Need For Marriage”

The BBN Housemate, White Money, has revealed that maria the evicted Housemate, is the kind of woman he is searching for.

White Money made this revelation during a conversation with fellow Housemate, Jaypaul, at the lounge earlier today.

He says that, Maria, Saskay, and Jackie B are very calculative and smart. and that  these three Housemates are worthy of being his wife.

White Money also made it very clear that he can’t go outside the House to date anyone he can’t get married to.

He said: “I can’t date anymore outside the House. I need to build my own family!

Considering the nature of my work, I would need a woman who is very calculative and smart.

That is  I fell in love with Maria when I got to know her in the House. Jackie B and Saskay are also very calculative and smart just like Maria”.

White Money further explained why he might not date anyone in the House

BBN Housemate, White Money, also revealed the reason why he hasn’t decided to advance his relationship with fellow Housemate, Queen.

White Money says that Queen is emotionally weak and he can’t deal with her high level of jealousy especially in a confined space.

White Money believes it would be hard for him to relate with other ladies in the House if he decides to be in a relationship with her.

He further explained that he needs a woman who can support his career.

As an entertainer, White Money believes Queen would not be able to handle him outside the House.

According to him, Queen would be jealous if a female fan even try to get close to him outside the House.

He said: “I want a woman that could stay by me as an entertainer. I know you are this kind of girl that would break my head at home if a female fan confesses her love to me in public”. He said referring to queen.

I just want a woman that would support everything I do. That’s why the top priority for me is a calculative, spiritual, and smart woman.

I need the mother of my kids to be a prayerful person because I don’t pray. I am a very busy man out there so I need a woman that can be spiritually supportive”.

White Money’s conversation with Jaypaul was deep and also proves to us that he’s not willing to be in a romantic relationship with queen inside the House.

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