Top 5 Phones With The Best Camera

  Most people before buying phone seems to be on the look for phones with the best cameras,

You probably want to take some nice pictures and share nice moments with friends on social media,


Probably went on a hang out, or some other social events and you want to take cool clear pictures of that intriguing moment and Save the memories .

  Don’t worry has made proper research and has decided to table everything in this article.

Here are the list of top 5 phones ✆ with the best camera

  1. Iphone 12 pro max
  2. Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra 5G
  3. Huawei P40 pro
  4. Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
  5. Google pixel 4xL

IPhone 12 pro max :this is by far the most expensive phone in the market right now, this is because of it’s cool features and smartness.

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Unlike the least of iPhones , e.g iPhone 1,2,3 and their pro max etc, iPhone 12 pro max has the brightest spark in Camera with some amazing filters am sure you would love.

The camera surpasses every other phones in the market for now, and you might agree with me that it’s also one of the reasons why its so expensive.

The phone ✆ is currently sold for 829,000 naira in the Nigeria market, approximately $1,507 USD . the phone has about 128gb ram though others argues that it’s up to 225gb.

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Iphone 12

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: just like the name and the inarguably 5G connection, you would agree with me that this phone is a powerful phone ✆,

This phone is sold for 407,000 naira , wow that’s almost half a million naira in the Nigeria currency, and approximately $740 USD.

Though most people prefers this phone to 1phone products in terms of its features and camera,

A lot of people believes that the camera surpasses that of IPhone pro max, but I still believe that non can be compared to iPhone 12 pro max, well until the lunch of iPhone 13 which is coming out soon.


Huawei P40 Pro: Many people seems to look down on this phone, but the pure truth is that it’s one of the best phone with bright camera in the market,

It has about 120gb ram , with 18.6 mega pixel camera making your pictures bright and clear with a single shot.

The phone is currently sold for 400,000 naira ( 727 USD) in the Nigeria market and can be found in most big phones shops out there.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G : With the 5G Internet connection, 120gb ram and 20.8 mega pixel you would agree with me that this particular phone has outranked every other models of iPhone,

But of course aside the 12 pro max, this is a cool phone for Samsung lovers and clear picture camera phones

It is currently sold at 230,000 in the Nigeria currency, that is about $418 USD.

Google pixel 4xL; Although this phone is rare and hardly seen around, my friend would always tell is a big man’s phone,

That is, phone for the rich (lol) No doubt it is a very expensive phone,

Though not to compare with iphone 12 pro max and the rest, but it’s worth the price at which is being sold .

And Aside having a cool camera, it has great features that makes the phone interesting.

The price of this phone, in the Market as of the time of this article is 300,000 , approximately $545.45 USD.

This are the Top 5 Phones With The Best camera in the market for now, well not until the launch of iPhone 13 pro max which the iPhone company has been proudly advertising for quite some time now.

I bet that the new iPhone 13 would posses some cool features and of course bright camera and would undoubtedly surpass the iPhone 12 pro max

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