The Slave Princess Chapter 9

The Slave Princess Chapter 9
The Slave Princess Chapter 9

“Miss, it looks like you preceded me here in my favorite place”, the guy said while tapping her shoulders.

“I’m sorry I just liked to go here”, said Pretty while she remained in her position.

“This is my favorite place because it reminds me of the young lady that I liked, she love to smell the fragrant scents of the flowers”, the guy replied in a lively voice.

Pretty was nervous because she heard the Prince’s voice.

“Your highness, maybe the lady you adore is very lucky, but sad to say you are getting married”, Pretty said in a raspy voice.

“She may not be a Princess but I am willing to give up being a prince and leave this Kingdom for her”, said the Prince .

Pretty’s heart was beating so fast.

“It’s better for you to forget the young lady, she’ll just be damned because of your love, I’m sure she loved you too”, Pretty said with a guilty voice.

The Prince was confused by what the young lady had said.

“Miss can you remove the cover on your face?”, the Prince wondered.

Pretty was nervous by what she heard from the Prince she remembered what Madam Saher had reminded her.

She tried to run but the Prince quickly grabbed the cover she had wrapped on her head and face and it suddenly fell off.

She didn’t pick it up for the fear of being identified by the Prince and she ran fast.

The Prince saw the young Lady’s short hair, the lady ran very fast until it disappeared from his sight.

He was puzzled by what the young lady was saying and why she hid her face and ran as if scared to face him.

“Why is she afraid of me”?, the Prince asked himself .

“I just now saw the lady here inside the palace”, said the Prince frowning.

The Prince quickly left the place and thought of going into the woods.

“Mom! Mom! A carriage came with fruits and food”, Isaac happily informed to his mom.

His mother came out quickly.

“Good morning, Madam”, said the soldier.

“The Prince of Gazu is here to talk to the young lady”, said the soldier while removing his hat.

“I’m sorry to say but the young lady was not here,maybe her memory has returned”, said Mona in tears.

“What do you mean?”, the Prince wondered.

“Pretty had amnesia and she didn’t know where she was from, she can’t even recognize her name, so we named her Pretty”, Mona sadly said.

The Prince handed over their provisions and hurried to the palace, he was so confused and many questions arose in his mind.

They reached the Palace quickly and the Prince entered his room, he was sad and worried about the young lady. He wanted to see her.

“Where is the young lady?”, the Prince asked himself as he squeezed the pillow.

“Where can I find her ?”, he whispered.

“Who is she?”Where did she came from?”, the Prince asked himself confused.

His heart sank, he was thinking a lot but there was a sudden knocked on the door.

“Come in”, said the Prince in a languid voice.

The lady delivering breakfast came up to him, her hair and face was wrapped and only her eyes could be seen.

The young lady laid out the food.

The Prince noticed that the lady was as tall as Pretty and he was curious.

“Your highness, your food is ready and I’m leaving”, the lady said while bowing her head.

The Prince quickly grabbed the young lady and locked the door.

He removed the young lady’s face cover and that shocked him, he couldn’t believe it.

“Pretty!!, the Prince was surprised.

“I’m glad to see you”, Prince Gian said.

Pretty seemed to melt in his gaze.

He hugged Pretty very tightly.

“Prince Gian this is wrong, the King must not know this”, Pretty replied worriedly.

“I love you so much Pretty no matter who you are”.

“You are the only one who can make me happy”.

He took her hands and kissed her.

Pretty felt Prince Gian’s longing for her.

“We’ll make a way,just trust me”, Prince Gian said while massaging her hands.”

” Prince Gian”, I need to go I’m afraid somebody will caught us here.


“Your highness, I noticed the Prince coldness towards me”, said Princess Bonya to King Gab, the King of Gazu.

Princess Bonya sighed.

“Princess, he’s been feeling bad these fast few days, you have five months before you get married so you two have to get along.

Princess Bonya left the King’s throne with her new assistants to Prince Gian’s place, she wanted to talk to him, but she thought of making herself look good so they went back to her room and put on her favorite pink gown and her fragrant perfume. As they walked they met Prince Gian with his escorts .

Princess Bonya saw the Prince up close, he was tall and muscular and extremely handsome.

The Princess tried to talk to the Prince but he avoided her, so she returned to her room very upset and motioned her assistants to get out.

“So disgusting !!! What should I do to get your attention?!!, Princess Bonya said angrily as she smashed the flower vase on the floor.

“I need to know why he treats me so coldly”, she whispered herself angrily.

Prince Gian summoned Madam Saher.

“Your highness, I’m here and I’m ready for all your requests”, said Madam Saher while bowing her head.

She found the Prince not wearing his robe which was for the Prince but instead he dressed simple and prepare his hunting gear.

“I want you to bring the new slave here because I want to go hunting with her”, the prince said while wiping his bow and arrow.

“But your highness, it’s not possible because she’s so busy, I’ll just send another slave to come with you.”, Madam Saher explained.

“I am appointed as the next King here ,so do as what I’ve told you and don’t refuse my order “, Prince Gian said while muttering.

Madam Saher went to the kitchen hurriedly and brought Pretty to the Prince’s carriage.

Prince Gian was so happy with Pretty and they were hunting together in the woods, they picked fruit trees and wandered around the garden full of flowers.

Gian held Pretty’s hand, they happily walked around the woods,for Gian it was like a wonderful dream that he didn’t want to wake up again.

One morning while Princess Bonya was bathing in her bath tub full of milk one of her assistants whispered to her as she handed over her bath robe.

“What?, summon the slave and bring her to me, I want her to taste my wrath”, Princess Bonya said as her face flushed with anger.

Pretty went to the Princess, she was wearing her brown slave uniform and she covered her hair and face with black cloth.

“Your Majesty, good day, do you need anything? Pretty asked while she bowed her head.

“You are an ambitious slave!”, Princess Bonya said angrily with a sharp look at her.

“Don’t take the prince away from me” the Princess growled in annoyance.

“Avoid my Prince if you don’t want to taste severe punishment!!!”, the Princess shouted in anger.

Pretty remained silent and it made the Princess angry, the Princess quickly grabbed her and pulled the black cloth that covered her face and slapped her, she glared at the slave but she suddenly trembled in shocked.

“Princess Purity!!!!!”, Princess Bonya’s eyes popped out in shocked.

💥To be continued 💥

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