The Slave Princess Chapter 8

The Slave Princess Chapter 8
The Slave Princess Chapter 8


“Your highness, we captured the young lady and imprisoned her”, said the soldier as he bowed his head.

” Great”, the King replied cheerfully as he clapped his hands.

“Hide the young lady so that the prince can’t see her”.

“She will stay here until the prince married the princess”.

“This is the only way I can force the prince to marry the princess”, he said to himself.

Pretty felt scared inside the prison because the area was dim
and it was a very quiet place.

“Help! help!”, she said as she shook the railing.

Abundant tears dripped from her eyes.

“Help! Help! please release me here”, Pretty cried because she has no idea why she was imprisoned.

“Why do I have to go through all this hardship?”, Pretty asked herself while wiping her tears.

“Who am I? Why do they treat me so badly am I a bad person?”, Pretty banged her head on the railing.

Pretty’s heart was pounding she has no idea what she was going through in her life.

While pretty was meditating she saw a carriage.

Help!Help! Pretty cried while shaking the railing.

The carriage stopped at the jail and Pretty saw the four armed men who saved her but she was confused why they imprisoned her.

A man approached him and immediately opened the prison.

“Where will you take me?”, pretty suddenly got nervous.

“Young lady don’t be afraid of us and please ride the chariot”,
the soldier replied sincerely”.

Pretty quickly got into the carriage and one of the soldiers handed her a brown cloth to wrap around her head and its face.

Pretty was taken to the Gazu Kingdom and she was amazed at the huge size of the palace, it looked so elegant, and the walls shone like it was made of pure gold.

She was taken at the back of the palace and a woman approached them.

“She is the leader of all the slaves here”, the soldier introduced the woman to Pretty.

Pretty was taken to the servant’s quarter while she was having fun looking around she spotted the woman talking secretly to one of the soldiers.

The woman approached Pretty.

“Pretty, call me Saher,” the woman said.

“Or Madam Saher”, the woman added.

“This is your uniform”, said Madam Saher while handing over her uniform.

“Please remove the cloth that covered your face”.

Pretty took off her facemask and she saw Madam Saher was shocked while staring at her.

“Oh! you’re so adorable and alluring”, said Madam Saher while covering her mouth in astonishment.

“That is why the prince became obsessed with you because of your beauty”, Madam Saher smiled at her.

“What! What do you mean Madam? Pretty asked confused.

“I know everything about you, You were sent here by the King of Gazu to be a slave, and whoever of the slaves here enters into a relationship with the Prince and violates the King’s order will be sentenced to death.”, Madam Saher informed her.

“So as much as possible you better avoid yourself to the Prince so that you will not be harmed.

“Come and help us prepare food because the Princess whom the Prince will be married is coming today”. Madam said.

Pretty suddenly felt pain at what she heard and couldn’t believe that the Prince was getting married.

She changed her clothes into a slave uniform and Madam Saher took her to the kitchen. The slaves inside the Kitchen were amazed because of her startling beauty most of the men helped her so other women could not help but dislike Pretty.

The Princess is here! The Princess is here!”, the slave shouted.

Everyone went out to welcome the Princess, Pretty saw that the Princess was riding in a fancy carriage and it was circling the whole Palace but her gaze to the Princess was cut off because someone suddenly pulled her over and took her to the Kitchen.

“Why did you leave your job? If you can’t finish your job you won’t be able to eat tonight”, said the young lady with a sharp look at her.

Pretty washed a lot of dishes and her hands got numb, she was happy because she was about to finish but all of a sudden she saw the young lady carrying a lot of plates.

She took a deep breath.

She was left alone in the Kitchen while everyone was partying outside, she wanted to see the Princess up close but she still had work to finish.

Even though Pretty’s body was still lethargic, she got up early because she couldn’t sleep all night, so she went out and covered her face with a cloth. She went around inside the Palace and she saw flowers of strange colors, she knelt and sniffed the fragrant scent of flowers, she felt happy but she was shocked because someone held her back.

🌻To be continued🎄

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