The Slave Princess Chapter 7

The Slave Princess Chapter 7
The Slave Princess Chapter 7

“Help! Help! Help! “, Pretty screamed in her hoarse voice.

A man approached her and was wearing a brown t-shirt, jeans, and a hat.

”Miss, what happened to you? Why did you fall here? It’s very dangerous here”, the man said worriedly.

“A guy was chasing me and I was stumbled and I fell here”, Pretty explained.

“Thank you so much for saving me”, Pretty said while wiping
her clothes.

The man was silent and had a deep thought, he looked at her from head to toe and suddenly the man said,

“Miss I will take you to your home”, said the man in a tense voice”.

Pretty was nervous because the man looked anxious.

“Ok, thank you so much”, Pretty replied with suspicion of the
man’s move.”

They continued to walk but Pretty noticed that the man looked at her strangely.

She felt apprehensive and calmed herself so that the man would not notice her.


“Summon all the people to the palace”, King Zuper ordered while drinking wine.”

There was sadness in his eyes and he was always drunk and hot-tempered.

“Your highness, everyone is ready outside, including Queen Cleopatra and Princess Bonya”, his assistant said.

“Get my chariot ready”, the King said in a weak voice.

“The King! The King! the King has come”, shouted the palace people.

“I called you all because I want to inform all of you that Princess Bonya will be married to the Prince of Gazu Kingdom”, said the King Languidly.

“Increase the guards outside the Palace because tomorrow the King of Gazu will come here to formally take Princess Bonya.”

“We need the forces of Gazu Kingdom so that we can defeat the enemies and save our Palace.”

“Long live Princess Bonya! Long live”, the people shouted in delight.

” Thank you all, I am the next Queen of Gazu Kingdom”, said Princess Bonya with pride.

“We need to have an elegant celebration for our Princess”, Queen Cleopatra happily suggested”.

While all the people were busy preparing for the upcoming celebration Queen Cleopatra thought of visiting Reyna Sasa.

” Reyna Sasa, Are you surprised because a Queen visited you here?

“Well, I just want to let you know that Princess Bonya is now the next Queen of Gazu Kingdom”, Queen Cleopatra proudly said.

“And I want to let you know that I am the one entrusted by the King to perform all the duties you have left, especially in managing the budget because you are crippled and worthless,” Cleopatra said in a boastful voice and she laughed.

“Did you come here to annoy me? Get out of my room!” Queen Sasa replied angrily.

“Maybe you were the King’s favorite then but now he doesn’t even visit you, because I’m with him every night”, she said faking her smile.

Queen Cleopatra left and she met the nurse.

“Where will you take that?”, Queen Cleopatra said frowning.

” Your Majesty, these are Queen Sasa’s food and medicine”, the nurse said nervously because Queen Cleopatra gaze at her fiercely.

“Give it back! Replace it with slave food”.

“Your Majesty, I’m sorry but this is the King’s order”, the nurse trembled.

The Queen grabbed the food tray and threw it away.

“Let me inform you that I am now the first Queen here, so follow my order if you don’t want to lose your job”, Queen Cleopatra glared at her.

“Never report to the King if you don’t want to taste severe punishment”, Queen’s eyes widened.

The nurse walked away without uttering a word.

🤴 Gazu Kingdom 🤴

“Prince Gian, tomorrow we will go to the Zuan Kingdom to pick up the Princess and arrange your wedding”, the King said.

“Your highness, I don’t want to go there because my body was sluggish and I felt bad”, Prince Gian was upset.

“You’ve been so strong lately and now you’ve suddenly become lethargic, don’t fool me if you don’t want me to do anything bad to the Lady”, the King said angrily.

“I don’t like the Princess and I never dreamed of her to be my future Queen”, Prince Gian was annoyed.

“Don’t reject my order if you don’t want to regret it!”, the King’s
eyes popped out in anger.

“King Nazer killed your Queen mother to fulfill his plans to avenge his Royal father”.

“He was blinded by his revenge because he had no idea that his King father was very greedy, his father wanted to take over all the Kingdoms so that he could be recognized as the best king of all kings.” the King explained.

“Your highness, I will follow everything but make sure not to hurt her”, Gian worriedly said.


Pretty remained quiet as she continued observing the man. They reached the vacant space but suddenly the man who was chasing her, came.

“Do you think you can escape me?”, the man fiercely looked at her.

“Let me go, please let me go”, Pretty shuddered.

“I’m the one who owns you”, the man glared at her lustfully.

Hold both of her hands and wrap them around her back and tied them tightly.

The man started to kiss Pretty and the other man held her legs.

“Help! Help!, Pretty panicked and her whole body trembled.

Pretty heard the laughter of the two men and they seemed to be covered with evil spirits.

The man has already started removing her undergarments and the other man held her shoulders tightly causing her not to be able to move.

Pretty closed her eyes and gathered all her strength and shouted as loudly as she could.

The man got mad with her and slapped her face and suddenly her vision got blurred, she closed her eyes and to her surprised, she heard a loud bang.

She quickly opened her eyes and she saw four armed men approaching them, the armed men beat the two men and shot them until the two men lost their breath.

Pretty’s muscles trembled as she witnessed and suddenly the men approached her. The tremor in her lips intensified and her lips trembled, one of the men removed the grip of her hand and carried her to ride in the carriage.

Due to fear and nervousness Pretty fainted and she woke up very shocked because she found herself inside the prison.

To be continued. love you all

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