The Slave Princess Chapter 6

The Slave Princess Chapter 6
The Slave Princess Chapter 6

“Don’t be ashamed, come with us so that you can rest and consider us your family.”

“Mom , I’ll just call her PRETTY because she is so beautiful”, the boy happily said”.

“Miss Pretty just call me Isaac”.

“While no one is looking for you, you are free to live in our little
home and please call me Mona.

“Thanks for inviting me, I really have no idea,I don’t know myself, I’m having a hard time recognizing it and my head hurts even more”, Princess Purity said with a sigh.


“Gather all the soldiers and I want you to invade the Zuan Kingdom”, said the King.

“Your highness, the Zuan Kingdom is very strong and stable and the spy said that it had many soldiers guarding outside and inside of the palace, it is dangerous to make an attack because King Zuper is one of the bravest warrior, we need to train our soldiers well to defeat them”, said the King’s adviser.

“Summon the Beast group, they were Assassins who were former allies of King Zuper, and they are ready to join our forces to defeat the King of Zuan.

The Princess has a hard time remembering her past, she tried to recalled it but her mind was empty.

“No!No! please help me! help me! the Princess shouted.

“Pretty! Pretty! wake up why are you shouting for help?”, Mona said in shocked.

“I had a bad dream, I was supposed to be chased by a hungry lion”, said Princess Purity who was sweating and shivering.

“Pretty, don’t force yourself, wait for the right time and it will automatically appear in your mind”.

“Mona, thank you so much”, she said while hugging her.

“Pretty, we will leave you here because we will sell clay jars in town, this is our main source of income”.

“Be careful here because we live in the forest and don’t go outside because there are wild animals roaming around.” Mona reminded her while wiping her jars.

Princess Purity felt the warm inside, so she thought of going outside the house to get some air, the breeze was so cold and it seemed like it was lifting her up in the clouds. She saw wild flowers in the distance, she approached it and took a piece of flower and smelled its fragrance, she seemed to feel like she had been doing it before because she really like its scents. She turned her head and was amazed because she saw many different types of flowers with attracted colors. She quickly went to the flowers and she took a single color from each flowers, she smelled it as she closed her eyes and felt each scent of it but when she opened her eyes she was shocked by what she saw, a large snake ready to bite her, she shouted out in shocked and closed her eyes, she noticed that something bounced, she immediately opened her eyes and saw the snake hit by an arrow and a guy suddenly appeared infront of her.

“Are you okay ?” said the guy.

Princess Purity was amazed at what she saw because the man was handsome and muscular and she seemed to be distracted by his gaze. She seemed stunned and speechless.

“Hi, beautiful lady I’m Prince Gian, the Prince of Gazu Kingdom”, the prince said while holding her hands.

“Prince?, You are a prince?”, said Princess Purity while staring at the prince.

“You know you are so beautiful, you look like a Princess, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life”, said the Prince.

“Thank you so much for saving me”, said the Princess while avoiding her hands from the prince.

“You may not believe that I am a Prince, hunting is my passion, my King father was a warrior and he taught me hunting because I didn’t follow his footsteps.
“May I know your name young lady?” asked the Prince.

“I don’t know”, and she ran away.

“Young lady please comeback here”, said the Prince pleading.

“Your highness, it’s getting dark and we need to get out of the forest”, the soldier said.

It was midnight and the Prince still could not sleep, the beautiful lady always appeared in his mind. He could not forget the attractive face of the young lady, her eyes were like stars shining, she had a heart shaped lips and wavy reddish hair.

The next morning the Prince quickly called his two personal assistants(soldiers), they went to the place where he saw the young lady but they could not find her. He was sad and he still kept dreaming that he would see her again, he didn’t even care if it was said to be a fairy because he seemed to fall in love with her.


“Your highness, we were attacked by the enemy and most of our soldiers outside were killed.” said the spy.

King Zuper quickly took his shield and sword and prepared himself for the battle. He saw enemies entering the palace, he immediately blocked and fought them and in a flash he defeated them.

He heard Queen Sasa screaming,he immediately went to it and he saw soldiers holding her hands tightly.The King immediately fought the enemies and in just a wink he defeated them.Queen Sasa immediately hugged the King,but suddenly one of the enemy got up and stabbed the Queen.

💥To be continued 💥

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