The Slave Princess Chapter 5

The Slave Princess Chapter 5
The Slave Princess Chapter 5

“Princess!!! Come back here! Princess come back!”, shouted the soldier who was writhing in pain.

The Princess continued to run as quickly as possible but she suddenly tripped and her gown got stuck in a tree branch. She turned her back and saw the man running towards her, she quickly removed her gown but it was tightly tied. She looked at the man again and saw him that he was few meters away from her and surely could reach her.

The Princess thought of biting her gown for it to be torn but it didn’t work. She heard the man shouting at her, she was even more nervous because his voice was getting closer to her. The Princess closed her eyes and poured all her strength and pulled down her gown and she was so grateful because it worked.

She ran as fast as she could but the man grabbed and hugged her tightly, the Princess quickly moved her legs and kicked the man hard.

She ran again but the man grabbed her from behind, the man pulled her gown but she retaliated and she also pulled her gown hard because the Princess knew that the man did not have enough strength due to the amount of blood flowing on his shoulders, she pulled it hard but she slipped and fell on the cliff with flowing water and she was swept away by it and banged her head on the rock.

“Your highness, I have already carried the heart of the Princess of Zuan Kingdom”, said the soldier.

“Why is your shoulder injured? and where is your companion?”

“Your highness, we encountered a fight on our way here and they killed my companion”, said the soldier while bowing his head.

“Maybe those were the King’s soldiers. Let’s see what would be the King’s reaction if he receives the gift”.

“The Zuan King was so heartless, my King Father voluntarily surrendered and begged him but he killed my father with no mercy!”, said the King who blushed in anger.

“And his daughter the Princess paid for it because he took the life of my father”.

A post man arrived in the Kingdom of Zuan and the soldiers immediately blocked him and confiscated his luggage. They found nothing but a box that was neatly wrapped and it was stated that it was for the King of Zuan.

The soldier took it and the postman quickly left. The soldier saw the King with his two Queens and Princess Bonya.

“Your highness, we have received a small box and it was stated for you”, said the soldier while bowing his head.

“Ok you can leave now and make sure that no enemies can enter our territory, watch carefully and go around and confiscate all the people with suspicious behavior”, said the King with a nervous feeling.”

The King took the box and to his surprised his eyes popped out in shocked of what he saw, his hands trembled as he held the box, he saw that there was a piece of paper on the side of the box and he read the message of it.


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His heart was beating so fast and his hands were shaking even more and suddenly the box fell and its blood splattered on the floor. Queen Cleopatra and Princess Bonya were startled for what they witnessed and they quickly ran away.

“Princess Purity!My Princess, Why did this bad thing happened to you?”, said Queen Sasa shouting.

“Maybe she paid for the horrific violence you committed before”.

“Don’t accused me, all this happened because of the greediness of your King father and he should be the one to blame,!” said the King.

The King left and locked himself in the room and recalled all the past memories that had happened before.


He was a brave Prince warrior and his King Father was so proud of him. His King Father and the King Father of Reyna Sasa were close friends and when he first saw Queen Sasa, he was fascinated by her beauty and he wanted Queen Sasa to be his future Queen.

He informed his King Father that he liked the Princess but the King father of Queen Sasa was against for his plan and would only agree if he killed the King of Nazer, and according to the King Father of Queen Sasa the King of Nazer allegedly intended to seized the source of oil which was claimed by Queen Sasa’s father.

“Kill the King of Nazer and when you succeed in your mission I will let you marry the Princess Sasa and bring his heart to me as proof of your faithfulness”, said Queen Sasa’s Father.


There was a boy walking by the lake and he saw a woman lying on the side so he immediately went to his mother to let her know what he saw.

“Mother! Mother! I saw a woman beside the lake and she was lying down and seemed to be unconscious.

They quickly went to the woman and they pulled her and suddenly the woman’s eyes opened.

“Hello beautiful young lady where did you come from?”, said the mother.

“What is your name?”

“Mother she’s very pretty and she looks like a fairy”, said the boy smiling.

“I don’t know, I don’t remember where I came from and I forgot my name and everything”, said the woman as she touched her forehead.

💥 To be continued 💥

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