The Slave Princess Chapter 4

The Slave Princess Chapter 4
The Slave Princess Chapter 4

Freya shouted loudly but another man appeared behind her and pulled her then covered her nose with a handkerchief causing her to lose consciousness.

The next morning they were awakened by the unexpected event, they could not believe what they witnessed, most of those killed were soldiers, they were all strangled and others were beheaded.

The King’s Personal assistant quickly went to him.

“Your highness, I am sorry to inform you of the bad news, the enemies attacked us and most of our soldiers were killed and strangled.

“What!!! Gather all the soldiers and close all the tunnels in the palace, and you have to make sure that there are guards inside and outside the palace, there has to be a guard in every corner of the palace and most of all you add soldiers to protect the Princesses.

“Your highness, everything you said will be followed.

Queen Sasa was saddened about what had happened to the palace soldiers so she ordered the palace staff to give them a dignified burial. As the Queen was walking, she heard a commotion and she saw Freya that was rushed to the palace doctor, she quickly followed but she noticed something shining in the corner so she immediately went to it but she was surprised what she saw, it was the crown of Princess Purity, her heart was beating fast and her thoughts were all bad, she was even more nervous so she quickly went to the Princess’s room, she panicked even more because she couldn’t find the Princess.

“Your highness”!, the Princess is missing”, said Queen Sasa weeping.

“What!!! Let’s go to Freya right away so that we can ask her about Princess Purity.

“I saw Freya rushed to palace hospital because she lost consciousness”, said the Queen sobbing.

The King Commanded the soldiers to search Princess Purity in every corner of the palace and he also ordered the other soldiers to search Princess Purity throughout the forest.

Freya regained consciousness and told all the details to the King. The King was upset by what he heard and he frowned as if he was in deep thought.

“Your highness, I’m sorry we’ve done everything, we’ve searched the whole forest but we haven’t seen the Princess, we saw horse tracks but it’s far away and difficult to follow because some of its traces have been removed by the enemies,” said the soldier.

The King took a deep breath and suddenly had difficulty in breathing, he was quickly taken to the palace doctor and was followed by the two Queens. The doctor said that the King needed a break and also to avoid stressing himself because it was detrimental to his condition.

“My Princess, look at how fate seems to favor us, we haven’t done anything yet but Princess Purity has suddenly disappeared around us”, Queen Cleopatra happily said.

“Your Majesty, maybe I’m really the one destined for the Prince and be the next Queen of the famous Gazu Kingdom.

🤴King Zuper’s POV🌺

I’m King Zuper, the King of Zuan Kingdom. I was a brave warrior when I was young. My King father taught me how to fight and we were member of an assassin group called, Beast..I trained myself well because I prepared to fierce battle because Nazer Kingdom intends to take over our Kingdom but we defeated them and killed the King. This is perhaps why his son, the prince, got angry and took Princess Purity as revenge.

“Your highness, you need to heal right away so that we can find the Princess as quickly as possible, I will surely die if something bad happens to her.”, Queen Sasa said uneasily.

“Your Majesty, I have already sent plenty of soldiers to look for Princess Purity and the enemy must not know my condition right now because they might invade and attack again”. said the King.


Princess Purity was brought to the Kingdom of Nazer and her face was covered with dark cloth.

“Your highness, the Princess of Zuan Kingdom is already here”, said the soldier while holding Princess Purity’s arms.

“Kill that Princess!!!! She will pay for the sin of her Royal father, take her to the forest and bring her heart here because I will send it to her King father”, said the King angrily.

“Let’s see how the King would feel if he could see the heart of his beloved Princess”, said the King with a smile in his eyes.

“Your highness please release me,let me go, I’m begging you”, said the Princess with a hint of nervousness.

“Get this Princess away from me!, I’m afraid I might not able to control my temper and kill her, I don’t want my hands to be stained with blood because of her”.

The two soldiers took Princess Purity to the forest and they removed the veil from her face and all of a sudden her stunning beauty appeared. They were fascinated by her beauty and the two men change their minds, they agreed to rape the Princess before killing her. But the greed of the soldier prevailed, he thought of killing his companion so that he would have no rival for the Princess. He quickly took his sword and suddenly stabbed his companion.

It was the soldier’s turn to taste the Princess, he looked like a demon because of its reddened eyes, he grabbed the Princess and held her two shoulders tightly, the Princess tried to moved her shoulders but it was tightly bound, he kissed her but the Princess bit her. He got angry and punched the Princess in her shoulder, the Princess pretended that she was unconscious so the man immediately took off his clothes, the Princess immediately got up and quickly took the sword and stabbed the soldier and ran quickly.

💥To be continued 💥
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