The Slave Princess Chapter 3

The Slave Princess Chapter 3
The Slave Princess Chapter 3

The King ordered that Princess Bonya be taken immediately to the Palace hospital to be treated and the foods eaten by Princess Bonya was being examined.

“My Princess was poisoned, hurry up and give her some medicine”. Queen Cleopatra said worriedly.

“Your Majesty, here it is, she will be able to recover in a few hours because the poison she took is not deadly but it also has bad side effects if not cured right away.

“Ok you can leave now and let the King know about the Princess’s condition.

Queen Cleopatra was upset because the King did not even follow the Princess to the palace hospital unlike what had happened to Princess Purity that the King was very much quick to respond and was so angry like a hungry Lion, and that made her very angry because the King obviously favored someone.

“My Princess are you okay? Your acting is very good but I noticed that the dear King doesn’t even seem to care about you”.

“Your Majesty, I put poison in my food because I knew the King will investigate it”, said Princess Bonya smiling.

“Heidi will be held accountable, I want him out of our sight and he will be punished for what he did”, said Cleopatra with traces of joy in her eyes.


I’m Heidi, I was born and raised in Gazu Kingdom. My Father was the chef of Gazu Kingdom and I was also taught by my father in his cooking skills. King Zuper and the King of Gazu were close friends that’s why the King of Gazu recommended me to work in Zuan Kingdom as a chef. I got married to a slave and we were blessed with three children but the trend of the palace changed, it is used to be peaceful and tranquil
but when Queen Cleopatra came it became chaotic.

“Heidi, why did you poisoned the Princess Bonya? said Cleopatra angrily.

“Your Majesty, I haven’t poisoned the Princess, I’ve been in this job for a long time and I don’t have any bad record like you accused me.

“I’ll make sure that you will be punish by the King and I will recommend him to hang you and you will surely die if you will not confess your sin”, said the Queen arrogantly.

Groups of soldiers arrived and imprisoned Heidi.

The King called a gathering of all the palace staff to inform everyone of his decision. Heidi was brought before the King to be questioned about the incident.

“Heidi tell me the truth, why did you poisoned the two Princesses?”, said the King whose eyes looked like a tiger.

“Your highness, please forgive me for my sins”, Heidi said trembling and anxious.

“Saved it! If not for the King of Gazu I probably would have fed you to the lions!”, said the King angrily.
“Get out of the Palace!take your whole family with you and don’t show up again!You are a traitor!!!!

The King evicted Heidi and his family and the palace went smoothly, and two weeks later the long – awaited 18th birthday of Princess Purity came, inviting all the staff to the palace because it was the most pompous and a big celebration. The Princess was very stunning and charming in her white gown like the goddess of the night. Everyone was drinking including the soldiers of the palace, dancing and shouting for joy.

“Happy birthday Princess Purity”, the staff shouted.

“Happy birthday! Happy birthday Princess.

It was midnight and they were all drunk, including the King, the other staff had already left.The others continued their fun and Freya suggested to Princess Purity that they also leave because the King and Queens had already left.
As they were walking they noticed something like a commotion of a strong wind and when they looked back there were groups of men who seemed to be flying with sharp swords, their faces were covered with black cloth and they fought the palace soldiers and in just few minutes all the palace soldiers were exhausted and they were strangled in the neck. They were trembling with fear and being shocked for what they witnessed, two men approached them and grabbed Princess Purity and tied her hands and she was carried away by the men.

“Princess Purity! Princess Purity!

“Please help Princess Purity!,” Freya tearfully shouted.

💥To be continued 💥

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