The Slave Princess Chapter 2

The Slave Princess Chapter 2
The Slave Princess Chapter 2

“Please release her!, please stop this!”, said Princess Purity who appeared suddenly.

“My dear Princess, I punished her because you almost died because she poisoned you”, said the King.

“Please Your highness, I can’t afford to see someone suffered because of me”, the Princess burst into tears.

Sanya felt the heat and she was about to burn, she took a deep breath and trembled with fear.She tried to lift herself but she was tightly bound.Her heart beats faster like drums and she urinated due to nervousness.

The King quickly motioned his soldiers to put out the blazing fire and rescue the slave. The soldiers quickly fetch water and even the people in the palace helped as well but the fire continued to burn and almost overtook the slave.

The people panicked until suddenly the power went out followed by loud thunder and lightning and suddenly the heaviest rain fell. People ran because of the heavy rain and hid themselves due to strong thunder and lightning except Sanya’s mother.

“Sanya my daughter,”said the mother with her puffy eyes.

“Mother I can’t believe that I’m still alive”.

“My daughter, God heard my prayers, later the soldiers will come to release you because it’s the will of the Princess Purity.

“I’m glad Princess Purity believes me that I’m innocent.

Princess Purity suggested to do a thorough investigation about the poisoning that happened to her because she believed that Sanya was just a victim.

She wanted to know who was the Mastermind and what was his motive for poisoning her, and this was approved by the King.

“Your Majesty, Princess Purity wants to re- investigate the poisoning that happened to her, and it was approved by the King”, Princess Bonya said.

“What!no one should know that I am the Mastermind of what is happening,and my dear Princess I need your help.


I’m Princess Bonya I’m the daughter of King and Queen Cleopatra .I was born in my mother’s palace and I was taken to my Father’s palace at the age of 5. Queen Cleopatra always taught me not to make friends with Princess Purity.

I despise Princess Purity because I know she is the King’s favorite and I envy her because she is prettier than me,she is very attractive and it’s not surprising that she is the favorite of the people in the palace because of her stunning beauty that she inherited from her mother, Queen Sasa.

“Your Majesty, I’m afraid the King might know everything”, Heidi said.

“Don’t involved me in your sloppy work,if you don’t want to taste my anger”, Queen Cleopatra said.


“My Princess,I need to make a way I’m afraid Heidi might confess to the King”,said Queen Cleopatra who was bothered.

” Your Majesty, he must disappear from our sight because he is an obstacle to our plans”, Princess Bonya said.

The King had decided to let the two Queens and Princesses to have dinner with him because he wanted to let them know that they were going to hold a big celebration for the upcoming birthday of the dear Princess Purity.

They both arrived on time and all the food was laid on the table.While they were eating, the King spoke about the birthday celebration but it suddenly stopped because Princess Bonya suddenly vomited, she was shaking.She fell on her seat because it looked like she was having a seizure and she suddenly fainted.

“My Princess! Princess Bonya my dear, what happened to you?”,said Queen Cleopatra who was shocked and nervous.

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