The Slave Princess Chapter 11

The Slave Princess Chapter 11
The Slave Princess Chapter 11

“Please let me go! Please ! Please!”, Pretty pleaded.

Pretty tried to get away but her hands was tightly bound.

She tried to get away again and she pulled her hands so hard and suddenly she was thrown and her head hit the wall.

She felt dizzy.

She was suddenly startled and she felt the pain in her head, she closed her eyes for a moment and suddenly she remembered something.

Her memory came back.

“I’m a Princess!”, she said excitedly.

“I’m Princess Purity,” she said as she focused her gaze to the soldiers.

“Do you hear what I said???”, I am a Princess….

“I’m Princess Purity”, she said to the soldiers.

The soldiers were stunned at the moment and they suddenly laughed.

“You just hit your head and suddenly you became a Princess !”, one of the soldier said laughing.

“Don’t make a story young lady, you can’t fool us”, the other soldier said.

They were laughing except for one soldier who was just quitely listening, it stared at Pretty and its eyes seemed to pity Pretty.

“Maybe you can be called a Princess because of your alluring beauty,you have a Prince but you don’t have a Palace.” the soldier said while laughing.

“Ha ha ha ha”.

They were laughing.

“We feel sorry for you young lady because tomorrow night you will be sentenced to death”, the soldier said sadly.

“Please take me to the King,I will explain everything and I’m sure he will believe me”, Pretty said.

Pretty begged while crying but the soldiers seemed unconvinced.

“I’m sorry young lady but the King doesn’t want to see you and we don’t want to violate his order, the King strictly instructed it to us”, the soldier said calmly.

They took Pretty to jail and locked her tightly.

The soldiers had left and Pretty felt sorry for herself, she was sobbing and many tears were flowing down her cheeks.

“Princess Bonya planned it, she even brought the Prince so that no one could help me”.

“Why my own sister did it?”, she wasn’t even happy to see me alive”, Princess Purity said to herself while crying.

“That’s why her face was familiar to me but she spared everything from me because of her dream of becoming a Queen”, she said tearfully.

While Princess Purity was hurt by her memories a soldier suddenly came who was one of those who arrested her.

“Princess, I believe in you, the Prince has instructed me to watch over you, please tell me the location of Zuan Kingdom because I will let the Prince know about your situation now.

“Thank you so much for your help”, the Princess burst into tears.

Princess Purity gave the soldier the details and exact location so that their Palace could easily be traced.

“Bring water and food as it will take you 6 hours before reaching the Palace,” Princess Purity reminded the soldier.

The soldier quickly got on his horse and immediately headed to Zuan Kingdom.


Princess Bonya and Prince Gian arrived at the Zuan Kingdom. Prince Gian noticed the huge Palace and the wide yard with lots of flowers on each side. Whenever he saw a flower he remembered Pretty’s gentle and beautiful face.

Prince Gian begged Princess Bonya that he would stay in the Palace yard because he wanted to tour himself.

He took a walk until he reached the back of the Palace,he saw many flowers and he approached them, he happily stared at the flowers but suddenly his attention was caught by a large statue, he looked at it carefully and he was suddenly stunned because it had a crown of flowers and its face resembled Pretty. He closed his eyes for a moment but when he opened them he could still see Pretty’s face.

He was confused by what he saw and suddenly he noticed someone came behind him.

“That is Princess Purity, she was kidnapped and killed by the enemies,” the slave said.

“The statue was made for her so that she would be remembered as a hero”, the slave added.

He was shocked by what he heard and became speechless,he quickly went to his horse and rode it and ran fast towards their Kingdom.

“Where will you take me?”, Princess Purity said while crying.

“The King has ordered us to take you because tonight you will be hanged”, the soldier said.

“No, Please let me go”, said the Princess sobbing.

“Please tell the King that I’m Princess Purity”.

Pretty was brought infront of the Palace and they began to tie her hands and even her mouth was tied with a handkerchief, and in a few hours she would be hanged.

💥To be continued 💥

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