The Slave Princess Chapter 10

The Slave Princess Chapter 10
The Slave Princess Chapter 10

Princess Bonya became anxious and was so surprised.

“Princess Purity is alive”, she said to herself.

“Princess Bonya, my name is Pretty and not Purity and I’m not a Princess maybe you just mistaken me”, Pretty said while touching her sore face.

Princess Bonya stared at Pretty from head to toe.

“I shouldn’t be wrong she is Princess Purity”, she said to herself while trembling slightly.

The Princess suddenly ran and left Pretty without saying anything.

“Am I a Princess?”, said Pretty to herself.

“But how?, Why I don’t remember anything?

“And why does the Princess’s face look familiar to me?”, said Pretty confused.

Princess Bonya went to her room and locked herself.

“Why is Princess still alive?, and how did she develop amnesia?”.

“I’m 💯 percent sure that she’s Princess Purity except for her short hair and scars on her body”, said Princess Bonya while lying on her soft bed.

“But you are very unlucky Princess Purity because no one will know that you are a Princess and you will remain a slave for life”, said Princess Bonya while laughing slightly.

That night Pretty couldn’t sleep, she tried to remember everything but she really couldn’t think of anything even about being a Princess.

“Princess, this is your breakfast”, said the slave.

She continued to bathe in the stream with floating petals and flowers of different colors as she enjoyed smelling its fragrances and she felt so good.

“Princess Purity, the King wants to talk to you”said her Personal assistant.

Princess Purity! Princess Purity!

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

Pretty heard a loud knock on her door, she woke up late, she opened the door and she saw Madam Saher.

“Hurry up! Princess Bonya is coming here”, Madam Saher said uneasily.

Before Pretty could answer, Princess Bonya appeared in front of them, she was frowning followed by her two assistants.

“Don’t act like a Princess because you are just a poor slave!”, the Princess stared at her fiercely.

“I’m sorry Princess”, Pretty said in a low voice.

“You are a lowly slave and don’t be so ambitious to dream of the Prince because he is only mine and let me remind you, I am the next Queen here.

“I don’t want to see you bond with the Prince if you don’t want to be punished”, the Princess said in disgust.

“Madam Saher, give her a lot of work and never let her out in the kitchen so that the Prince can’t see her.

The Princess left immediately as her servants followed her.

“That Princess was very rude, and being a queen did not suit her”, Madam Saher said.

“I’m sorry Madam Saher I just had a good night sleep”, Pretty replied.

“I’m worried about you Pretty so be careful with your actions”, Madam Saher said while tapping her shoulders.

Prince Gian looked for Pretty but he couldn’t find her, so he decided to go to the kitchen and he saw Pretty washing a lot of dishes.

Prince Gian suddenly came in and helped Pretty. The Kitchen staff was shocked because this was the first time Gian had entered the kitchen.

Pretty was shocked by what the Prince did, she accidentally released the glass and broke it, she quickly picked it up but her finger stuck in the glass and it bled.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to”, said Pretty anxiously.

The two of them stared at each other as Gian held out her hands.

“Pls. don’t move”, Prince Gian said while stroking her finger.

Gian suddenly sucked the blood on Pretty’s finger, the Kitchen staff saw it and they applauded and seemed happy for the two of them.

But in the distance Princess Bonya saw the Prince kissing Pretty’s finger, it hurt her so much and for her it was an infedility to her.

Princess Bonya quickly left and went to her room disgusted with anger.

“I have to find a way to get that lady out of Gian’s sight”, Princess Bonya said as she clenched her fists.

Prince Gian ordered his staff to finish Pretty’s chores and he took Pretty into the woods and rode his favorite horse.

They were both very happy, the air was very fresh, the atmosphere was quite and they could only hear the chirping of birds.

Gian led Pretty to the servants quarters and as he was going to his room he saw Princess Bonya coming out of the King’s throne, her eyes were happy and suddenly Princess Bonya approached him.

“Prince Gian, I have already informed the King to take you to Zuan Kingdom for a vacation”, Princess Bonya happily said.

“No I won’t allow it, I don’t want to go with you for a vacation”, Prince Gian said angrily.

“If you refuse to come with me, I will report to the King about your relationship with the slave”, Princess Bonya said.

Gian decided to accompany Princess Bonya because he was afraid that the King might know about his secret affair with Pretty.

Princess Bonya rode in the carriage but Prince Gian refused to ride with her. Prince Gian rode in his favorite horse while hanging his bow and arrow at his back.


Pretty heard loud knocks in her room, she immediately opened it and three soldiers came up to her, they suddenly grabbed her and tied her hands behind her back.

“Why? What is my fault?

Pretty was confused.

“Help! Help !Help! “, Pretty shouted.

“Forgive us, the King commanded us to arrest you,” the soldier said.

🌻To be continued🎄

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