The Slave Princess Chapter 1

The Slave Princess Chapter 1
The Slave Princess Chapter 1

The Princess was poisoned
The Princess was immediately taken to the palace doctor as she was trembling and incessantly vomiting.While the Princess was being examined by the doctor,Freya immediately went to Queen Sasa.

“Your Majesty,I would like to inform you that Princess Purity was taken to the palace doctor because she suddenly vomited while eating and she lost consciousness.

“What!The King needs to know this,you can leave now”,Queen Sasa said

Queen Sasa rang the buzzer and immediately her assistants arrived carrying the big umbrella and they quickly ran to the King.
She caught up the King with Queen Cleopatra massaging his arms.

“Your highness,I want to let you know that Princess Purity was taken to the palace doctor because as she was eating,she suddenly vomited and lost consciousness”,the Queen said while bowing her head.

“What? Nothing bad must happen to the Princess”the King said worriedly.
“Queen Cleopatra please tell my assistant to prepare my chariot so that the Queen and I can go to the Princess immediately.

“Your highness, sorry to hear this bad news”,said Queen Cleopatra.

The King and Queen Sasa quickly boarded the chariot and rushed to the palace hospital.They saw Princess Purity lethargic and unconscious.

“What happened to my Princess?”,the King asked.

“Your highness,the Princess was poisoned it affected her so badly,the poison she ate was deadly.She needed the kind of herb plant that can only be found in the desert to cure her,the medicine needs to be obtained as quickly as possible.”,the palace doctor said.

“Princess Purity!My Princess,who did this to you?”,said the Queen weeping while hugging the Princess.

The King gathered together his soldiers and granted all the fastest horses to them,he ordered them to go to the desert to pick up the Separes leaf which can cure the poison and had to get it as quickly as possible,and whoever was the first to bring the said herb will be rewarded.

“Whoever put poison in the Princess’s food must be held accountable”,said the King full of anger in his eyes.

“Your highness,we need to investigate this because the life of our Princess was in danger”,Queen Sasa said worriedly.

The King ordered his assistant to summon all the people in the palace to have an immediate gathering to investigate and determine who had poisoned the Princess.

“I called everyone today because I wanted to know who cooked the Princess breakfast that caused her dizziness.

“Your highness,I cooked the Princess breakfast but I don’t know what happened to her because I both cooked your breakfast,for the two Queens and Princess Bonya.I wonder why she was poisoned because I prepared and cooked the same food,maybe someone put poison in her food intentionally”,Heide said sincerely.

“I need to know who brought the Princess food towards her”,said the King with his eyes full of anger.

“Your highness,I am the one who brought the Princess’s food but I don’t know anything about the said poison, I’m telling the truth”,Sanya said while bowing her head.

“You were the last to touched the food so you are responsible for its safety.Are you the one who put the deadly poison on her food?”the King yelled.

“Your highness,I know nothing and I am innocent”,the slave said.

“Arrest and imprison her!”said the King in a loud voice, pointing his finger to the slave.

“Your highness,I beg you,my conscience is clean”,said the slave as she knelt down.

“You will taste my wrath, prepare yourself tomorrow because you will definitely not be able to withstand the punishment that I will impose you.”

The King proposed to imprison the slave, suddenly one of the soldiers arrived and brought the said herb,he immediately went to the Princess to give her the herbal medicine for her fast recovery.


I’m Sanya ,28 years old.I was born and grew up in the palace.My parents were slaves and my father died in the palace because of the punishment imposed to him,like me he was accused of the crime that he didn’t committed.The Princess was only 6 years old that time and she was drowned in the man made lake because someone pushed her and my father was the one pointed as the suspect of the incident.He was punished by the King,the flaming sword was dipped to his body until it was raging and he could not bear it.Mother and I did nothing but cried as we watched the cruel punishment imposed to him.

The Princess was immediately healed by the said herbal medicine,the King and Queen was so grateful,so the King summoned all the staff in the palace so that everyone could witness the punishment to be inflicted to the person who poisoned the Princess and would serve as a lesson to all who sought to threaten the life of the Princess.

“Sanya my daughter, tonight you will be punish and I hope that you can cope with this punishment”,said her mother sadly.

“Mother please pray for me,I don’t know why I was accused.I didn’t do anything bad to the Princess”,said Sanya while tears is falling down her cheeks.

“Sanya,why did this happen to us?”,said her mother sobbing.

“Mother I’m afraid I might be like my father who died because he couldn’t stand the punishment imposed to him”,she said trembling with nervousness while holding his mother’s hands.

“I can’t bear to see you tortured ,I find it hard to see you in such a situation because it reminded me of the bitter fate of your father”,her mother said worriedly.

A few minutes later the soldiers came.

“I’m sorry,the King has ordered us to take Sanya.

“Mother I’m afraid, I didn’t do anything wrong”,she cried.

“Where will you take my daughter?”have mercy on her, please let her go”,said the mother as she cried and could hardly breathe.

“Mother! Mother! help me”,she said with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

“I have nothing more to do but pray for you”.

“Your highness the culprit is here”, said the soldier.

“Take her to the front of the palace and tie her hands behind her back,dip her face into the ground and take the whip and beat her.”,the King commanded.

The soldier took the whip and hit her once.

“Arghh”,Sanya moaned.

“Why did you poison the Princess?”,the King said angrily.

“I didn’t do anything wrong your highness”, cried the slave.

“Strike her”,said the King.

“Arghh! Arghh! Arghh!Arghh!…..ouch”.

The soldiers hit Sanya with the whip several times until her back bled and she was lethargic.

“Tell me who ordered you to poison the Princess or else I will burn you alive”,the King’s eyes rolled in anger.

“Your highness,I have no idea I’m telling you the truth.

“Take her to the back of the Palace and burn her alive”.

The soldiers took firewood and layered them until it rose for about 5 meters high.They took Sanya and placed on top of it tying her hands and feet into the firewood.The King ordered to light the bottom of the firewood until it was burning and the fire gradually consumed the fuel and Sanya began to feel the heat from underneath.Sanya was shaking and screaming loudly.

“Help!help!help !have mercy on me.

“Mother! Mother! please help me”,Sanya shouted.

💥To be continued 💥

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