The play boy I fell in love with


The play boy i fell in love with. Episode 7

Previously on episode 6
when she left I felt anxiety taking the greater Part of Me, I didn’t want to leave winner neither do I want the sister to find out about my love adventure. So  I resolved to go and confront winner at least to  confirm if what the girl said was true….  whenever you see him.
I met with winner and asked him about the girl but he denied it, though there was something with the way he kept avoiding my gaze that made me feel he was hiding something, and I was feeling sour, the girl might actually be saying the truth.

I decided to watch him closely I asked confidence about the girl but she denied,  telling me winner broke up with his girlfriend long ago even before we started dating and has never had any other girlfriend ever since then.

I asked her how she knows about it and she told me Victor her boyfriend is winners best friend so she knows almost everything about winner and I believe that.

Winner Stopped coming around since after the Confrontation, which gave me  room for suspicious I had sleepless nights, wondering what he is up to, who he is with, and what he was  doing . 

Each time I calls him,  he usually have one excuse or the other to give me and that is when he picks my call because sometimes he wouldn’t even pick my call .

I  made up my mind to talk to confidence about his behaviour and she promised me she will talk to him or tell victo about it.

few days after confidence promise to talk to winner, he showed up on the field one day when confidence and I were already going home.

winner called crossing his hands around my shoulder
“It’s nice to see you again” I said absent minded, confidence walked away leaving us
“My love! am very sorry I know I should have told you but I didn’t”
“Tell me what?”
I asked with fear creeping in my heart

“I have been busy with work going to shows and decoration and even when I comes back at night I had to help my mum with some chores so I couldn’t come I took the day off work and that’s why you are seeing me here”

he said to my relieve
“I understand, but you should have tried to explain this to me on the phone do you know how worried I was yo……..”

He cut me short with a long sweet kiss I reciprocate , forgetting my rules of “No Kiss” when he finally let go of my lips, I bent my head low I was shy but I can’t deny the fact that I love it .
it was my first kiss and I wanted more.

By the time I realised that I was still in the field, I looked around to make sure no one was looking and to my relief is already dark and everybody was gone except for confidence who was waiting for me but I think she didn’t see us because she has her back turn on us.

“I have to go now”
I told him and left with Confidence.

    The  Kiss scene kept popping up in my head all through the evening, I lay down on my bed to play a game on my phone before sleeping.

  I picked up my phone and immediately I unlock my phone a message came through I checked and it was from winner

“My sweet angel I really enjoyed the kiss and I know you do too, but for some time, I had lost control of myself and have wanted to do the unimaginable and I know you would have reciprocated but for confidence presence I had to control myself I wish to see you tomorrow you have a good night rest goodbye”.

  “The unimaginable” I ask myself with a mixed feelings I don’t know if this message was meant to make me happy or not, I couldn’t play my game any longer as I kept on thinking till I slept off.

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