The Miracle I Need Episode 2

The Miracle I Need Episode 2
The Miracle I Need Episode 2

Kathleen was roused from her sleep by the sound of her ringtone. She didn’t need to check the caller’s Identity to know who was calling.

She decided to say her morning prayers and have her quiet time before returning her mother’s call, so she simply put her phone on airplane mode and picked up her Bible.

An hour later she picked it up, and decided she was ready to face her mother. “Good morning mummy.” She greeted.

“So you still remember I am your mother? I thought you were going to avoid my calls forever.” She started.

“Mummy, please don’t start.” Kathleen said with a sigh as she rubbed her eyes with her fingers.

“Don’t start what? Since you avoided my calls all through the week claiming you were busy with work, I decided to call you very early since today is Saturday. Or you want to tell me you work on weekends too?” She asked sarcastically.

“Okay, I’m listening.” Kathleen told her politely.

“When are you getting married? You will be 29 soon o, next year you will be 30. Men of nowadays don’t like marrying old women when they can get young fresh ones o.”

“God’s time is the best. What do you want me to do? Should I go and start chasing men?” Kathleen asked impatiently.

“God’s time is the best kwa? I’m the one that gave birth to you in church, so don’t think you can preach to me. You are a fine girl, I know many men are coming after you. Stop doing shakara or whatever it is that you are doing!” her mother said in a high pitched voice.

“I’m not doing shakara. I’m waiting to hear what God has to say.” Kathleen explained making her mother shriek angrily.

“What do you want him to say? Bia this girl, don’t make me come to that Lagos. You want your younger ones to get married before you?” She asked.

“It doesn’t matter who gets married first. Please I have a lot to do today, let us talk another time. How is Isioma’s body? Did you receive the money I sent?” she asked.

“You are changing the subject abi? Okay o. Don’t say I didn’t advise you o. Isioma is fine, thank you for the money.” Her mother said in resignation before disconnecting the call.

God what should I do? Kathleen asked, gripping her Bible to herself. Kathleen quickly remembered Jeremiah 29:11 and relaxed her mind. She wasn’t going to allow pressure from her mother or her age to make her step out of God’s plan for her life. She stood up and decided to go about her daily activities.

Later that morning she received a call from her friend Sharon, who had brought her to Lagos. Sharon had housed her all through her first year in Lagos, before she had been able to move out to her own place.

“Babe how far? Person nuh dey use eye see you again o.” Sharon exclaimed.

“Nuh be so na. Thank God you brought me to Lagos, you know how the hustle for this place be.” Kathleen explained with a sigh.

“So that was the reason you forgot my birthday?” Sharon asked with mild annoyance.

“Oh God! I’m so so sorry. It totally escaped my mind. Let me make it up to you.” Kathleen offered apologetically.

“Yes o, I want you to make it up to me is why I called. There is this movie showing on the cinema that I want to watch. And I want to watch it this evening. My boyfriend has said he can’t go to the cinema just to watch Nollywood movie, so I said let me call you.” Sharon said making Kathleen laugh.

“You have a new boyfriend again? Don’t you get tired of jumping from one man to another? Anyway I’m going for choir rehearsals this evening.” Kathleen explained.

“You and this your churchy lifestyle self, I thought living in Lagos would have changed that, but the village girl in you has refused to change. If you miss rehearsal one day you go die?” Sharon asked angrily.

“Please try to understand. I’m supposed to lead chorus in church tomorrow. Why don’t I meet you up at the mall near your house? So we can eat and catch up then I will give you money for the movie? Maybe buy two tickets so you can watch the movie with another friend?” Kathleen pleaded making Sharon sigh.

“Virgin Mary, I’m at my boyfriend’s house right now, so you will have to meet me at the mall in Ikeja. When are you coming?” She asked.

“Let’s make it 1PM so I can leave in time for rehearsal, thank you. I love you plenty.” Kathleen said before ending the call.

The time was past 10:30AM. She decided to just leave the remaining chores for later so she would be able to meet up with Sharon.

She arrived at the mall two hours later, but just as she was about going inside the sole of her shoe came off. How was she going to walk around the mall with this? She asked herself in distress and decided to stand outside the gate, hoping to find one of those cobblers that roam the streets.

It was at that time that Pete was driving into the mall with Amanda. “Daddy look at her.” Amanda said pointing at Kathleen in excitement.

“Who?” Pete asked looking around.

“The office lady you said I should apologize to.” Amanda explained making Pete turn around to look.

“I want to apologies now.” Amanda said motioning for Pete to turn around. Pete sighed as he parked the car and walked out with Amanda to meet Kathleen.

“Hello!” He greeted and saw the flicker of surprise in her eyes the moment she recognized him.

“Good afternoon sir!” She said bowing her head politely as her heart thudded wildly against her chest. Why did she have to meet him like this again? She wondered hoping he wouldn’t see her bad shoe.

“Good afternoon. Are you okay? You seem nervous.” Pete asked when he saw the way she was moving her legs.

“I’m fine.” She looked down at Amanda who was smiling at her.

“Hello! Daddy says I’m to apologies for embarrassing you. I’m sorry.” Amanda said with a smile.

“It’s fine.” Kathleen said and looked up when Sharon called her name.

“Kathy how far?” Sharon asked, before turning to greet Pete. She sized him up and decided he must be a Lagos big boy since his clothes looked really expensive.

“Sharon meet my boss and his daughter, my friend, Sharon.” Kathleen said as she prayed for Pete to leave.

“Boss? Nice meeting you sir.” Sharon greeted with a grin and winked at Kathleen. So virgin Mary was having side runs? Who would have this kind of fine looking man as a boss and not drop their Bible?

“Same here.” Pete said wanting to leave but looked down when Amanda tugged at his trousers and used her eyes to motion at Kathy’s legs. His lips twitched in amusement when he looked down at her legs and saw her shoes.

“Why are you here? Let’s go inside.” Sharon said and frowned when Kathy winked at her to shut her up.

“You were going inside? let’s go in then.” Pete suggested and turned to lead the way but Kathy remained at her spot.

“What is wrong?” Sharon whispered making Pete turn to look Kathy over.

“What is your shoe size?” Pete asked, startling Kathleen who looked up at him in surprise. He knew about her bad shoe? She wondered.


Sharon glanced down at Kathy’s feet and quickly got a clear picture of the situation.

“Size 39.” Sharon quickly answered, knowing that Kathleen was likely going to act like a good girl and ask him not to bother.

“Let’s get you something else to wear then.” Pete suggested but just as Sharon predicted, Kathleen quickly declined the offer.

“Thank you sir, but you can go in. I will just wait for one of those cobblers to pass.” Kathleen told him with an embarrassed smile, making him lift a brow.

“The sun is scorching hot, and I don’t think you should be standing here like this.” Pete said with a disapproving frown. Not that it was his business anyway, she was just one of his employees and it didn’t matter to him what she chose to do with her time, but it was for the sake of Amanda that he was going this extra mile. He quickly took out three crisp one thousand naira notes from his wallet and handed it to Sharon. “Please can you get her something to wear while she waits in my car?” He asked pointing to his Mercedes Benz car which was parked not too far from where they were standing.

“You’re not going to buy from the mall?” Pete asked when Sharon turned to cross over to the other side of the road.

“Mall ke? those people price dey cut throat.” Sharon said making Pete chuckle in amusement as she walked away.

“You really didn’t have to do that. It wasn’t necessary.” Kathleen said in embarrassment as he led the way to his car.

“Just see it as me being a good boss. And repay me by putting more effort in doing your job.” He told her while Amanda looked on with interest.

Sharon came back few minutes later with a lovely pair of sandals for Kathleen. After thanking him, she changed into it and put her bad shoe in her handbag.

“Let’s go in then. What are you girls here for?” Pete asked Kathleen.

“We are here to see a movie.” Sharon rushed to say.

“She is here to see a movie. I’m just going to have lunch with her before leaving for my choir rehearsals.” Kathleen explained, giving Sharon a pointed look.

“You’re a chorister?” Pete asked with Interest.

“She just said so.” Amanda who had been quiet, told her father making Sharon giggle while Kathleen pinched her to stop.

“Why? He is your boss, not mine, so allow me enjoy myself.” Sharon whispered to Kathleen.

“What of your wife?” Sharon asked in her usual blunt manner making Kathleen jab her side with an elbow. She was really feeling embarrassed by Sharon’s character even though she was also dying of curiosity.

Pete noticed the way Kathleen was trying to shut her up and decided to answer. “My wife is late. It’s just me and Amanda.” Pete told her as they walked inside the mall.

“What church do you attend? I’ve not really been to church since I got back to the country.” Pete asked, for lack of anything else to say.

“Redeem.” She told him while she waited patiently for him to leave with his daughter.

“Oh! That church that is like MTN?” He asked in amusement making Kathleen giggle, while Sharon looked at them in confusion.

“MTN, everywhere you go.” Kathleen explained to Sharon who obviously didn’t get the joke.

Kat was used to hearing that already since people usually said so whenever she mentioned the name of her church.

“Yes that’s my church. Thank you very much for the gift. We will be leaving now.” Kathleen said when it became obvious that Pete wasn’t leaving.

“Alright. Be good.” He said with a wave as he walked away with Amanda. He had wanted to leave but didn’t want to seem standoffish hence the unnecessary conversation.

“What is her name?” Amanda asked.

“I don’t remember. Why?” he asked looking down at her.

“I like her.” Amanda said with a shrug as they walked away.

“Kathy, you just made a big hit!” Sharon exclaimed the moment she was alone with Kathleen after they ordered their meal.

“How?” Kathleen asked.

“Your boss is young, gorgeous, rich and even single too! Mad o!” Sharon exclaimed making Kathleen laugh.

“That is the least of my problem at the moment, trust me. Besides, all the girls in the office have their eyes set on him already.” Kathleen said with an amused smile.

“Of course! Who wouldn’t want him? You gats up your game. You have to put a hold on all these your churchy behavior. It’s not a sin if you marry a Lagos big boy o. On your wedding day I will spread like a peacock and tell everyone that I was the one who brought you to Lagos!” Sharon said making Kathleen choke on her food as she laughed.

“Didn’t you hear him? He doesn’t even go to church.” Kathleen said making Sharon hiss at her.

“Are you going to eat his Bible. Stupid girl! I can see you like being poor. Better follow who know road!” Sharon warned.

“I’m not interested.” Kathleen told her as she ate.

“I’ve told you what I have to say. You’re just luck I’m in a relationship already, if not, I would have seduced your boss already.” Sharon told her with a smirk.

“So who is this your new boyfriend again? Don’t you ever get tired?” She asked Sharon after eating for a while.

“Why should I get tired? Do fishermen get tired of fishing? Until I catch the perfect fish, I won’t stop.” Sharon said with a shake of her head.

“Don’t just give me any sermon! I can see your mouth is twitching to preach, don’t try it. I am a Christian too. I go to church just like you, I’m just not churchy.” Sharon told her.

“You? Christian? With this your character? which Christ are you following?” Kathleen asked making Sharon roll her eyes.

“Your Bible said judge not, but I’m sure you don’t over that part of the Bible. Abeg tell me better thing jare.” Sharon said, changing the subject.

“You still haven’t told me who this new boyfriend is.” Kathleen reminded her.

Back in Delta State where they came from, they were not just childhood friends but also family friends, and as such they tried to look out for each other.

“I don’t want to talk about it. You are going to judge if I tell you, and I’m honestly not ready for that.” Sharon told her with a serious frown.

“Judge? Why? Is he one of those cyber fraudster?” Kathleen asked the number one question on her mind.

“For what? No.” Sharon said shaking her head.

“Is he an armed robber, a kidnapper, or a ritualist?” Kathleen asked again, and then paused when she noticed the guilty look on Sharon’s face.

“Wait, hope you’re not going out with another woman’s husband?” Kathleen asked in a loud voice making the ladies sitting around them turn to look at them.

“What is wrong with you?” Sharon snapped at her angrily.

“I’m sorry, but wait, is he a married man?” Kathleen asked again but in a whisper this time, leaning close to her.

“He is divorcing his wife soon. They are having marital problems.” Sharon said looking down in embarassment.

“Of course, why won’t they have marital problems when you are in the picture? Why are you trying to ruin another woman’s home?” Kathleen asked with a disapproving frown.

“What is the meaning of this? Did we come here so you can interview me? Please drop the money for the movie and leave before you provoke me. I don’t blame you. I blame myself for confiding in you.” Sharon hissed angrily.

“Ha! Sorry I interfered.” Kathleen said.

Hmmmm, some ladies out there are like Sharon, waiting and pray for there married side chick to divorce there wife so that they can marry him. What’s your take on this?

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