The Guy I Fell In Love With


My name is ketuphel Johnson,
weird name isn’t it?

Well don’t ask me the meaning because I won’t tell least not now..

Well enough talk about my name

Am just a girl a girl with greag ambitions, a girl with lot's of dreams maybe.

A girl who is just 19 and has sworn never to have anything to do with any man or boy….

my friends says am weird but I don’t see that in me.

Am kind of a quite girl who has set her goals and was ready to keep to it.

Don’t get me wrong am not the all saint’s type but I sure have my reasons because I See them all as distractions.

But not until after I met diego my first crush.

Episode one

“And the second prize goes to ketuphel Johnson!! as the best art student of the year…..”

I heard my name boomed through the loud speakers, it was the Dean of studies calling the awardees on our send fort.

I looked up in surprise but too shock to move then I heard my classmates screaming and cheering my nickname

“Lady blue! Lady blue”
Weired nick also right?

And sure you might be wondering how I got that

Well I acquired it from one of my classmates Paul who claims I always wear one particular blue underwear to school…


Well all my classmates are crazy and sometimes say Lot’s of nonsense……

I stood up shaking then my lips broke into smiles as I walked straight up to the Dean and received my prize,

I never knew I could get this prize,

the Art’s class was a competitive one with grace, Paul and I as the top competitors.

We all thought Paul would be given the prize, or maybe he would have if he had stayed with us till the end ,but somehow he had to register in another school.

But I also thought Grace would be the second not until few minutes ago when I heard my name.

Two more students were called for their own prize then we all danced before the principal declared the occasion closed and gave his vote of thanks.

“Am suddenly going to Miss My classmates” I said as I walked through the school gates with mother and precious My big sister

” I know but you shouldn’t let it bother you, from time to time you could be seeing some of them ”

Mother said as she flagged down a bike that took us home.

We got home that day and I got busy with parking my clothes.

My mom had made arrangements for me to go leave with some rev sister’s who leaves outside our town immediately after my graduation day.

I woke up the following morning and arranged my things before the Rev. Sister could arrive..

She came early as expected and we set out.

At first I was scared, I never knew what staying with someone who isn’t related to me would be

but some how she proved to me she wasn’t a bad person
as she kept asking me so many things, we discussed a lot of things ranging from what my hobbies were, my plans for the future and what my childhood was like .

Then I heard her Asked question, I question I dreaded

“Phel do you have a boyfriend?”

She asked the question just like my mother, but of course my answer was no and I told her I wasn’t planing to have one at least not now!

” good girl ”

she remarked and the rest of the journey was just sight seeing as she keeps telling me the names of every junction we pass and making me remember them till we got to the house


Well I thought all sisters lives in the convent but sister munachiso and her colleagues lives outside probably because they run a school and the school is in no where close to the convent….

So I would have to help them out in the house like cooking, cleaning and run other errands since they are not always around, always in school, Church, or out of town, some times they go to the convent which is out of town and spend days there so it’s a total freedom..

I was enjoying the freedom

Though they allows me to go out anytime I want but not without the escort they had brought to me as a friend confidence.

Confidence and I became a little bit close or should I say best friends because she tells me everything about her even her secrets but I never told her mine.

Well don’t blame me for that I don’t just trust her that’s it or maybe because I don’t like her or so I thought, but we still do things together and she sometimes helps me with my chores

"Phel am bored"

Confidence told me one Sunday evening when we were outside charting as usual

“Am bored too, but there’s no light to watch television”
I replied

” I was thinking if we could go to the field and catch some fun ” she said

“Which field?
I asked lost

” there’s a field down the road where some boys play football, they usually starts by 4pm and it’s just some minutes past 4 since the sisters are not around we could go?”

She suggested …
and that was it for days we keep going to the field.

It became our main outing venue, neither of us likes football but we just go there to kill boredom .

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