Ketuphel-The guy I fell in love with 6 (A must read)

ketuphel Episode 6


Confidence got angry with me when she Returned and I told her what transpired between winner  and and I ……

  “ketuphel do you know how I managed to make winner look at you but you just ruined everything,…”
” I don’t know what your problem is, not like you are the religious type so what exactly is your problem?”
she asked in frustration

     but I wasn’t in the mood to exchange words with her so I just walked away because winner have been rude to me also so I wasn’t to blame  for what happened.

   For days, confidence refused to come see me,  even when I go to her house, I will be told she’s not around.
   I know she was avoiding me but I couldn’t tell why, I called her phone  several times but she wouldn’t pick my call.

winner called coming towards me as I sat  on a plastic chair in front of the house ,looking at passersby since there was no one to talk to and I can’t go to the field alone.

confidence is the only friend I have and the only one I’m allowed to go out with and also go to her house.

  “It’s a good thing that you can now pronounce my name congrats”
I said twisting my mouth as the aroma of his sweet perfume field my nostri which makes him more attractive and classic too,

I was tempted to ask him the name of his perfume,  but I knew I had to keep my cool. everyone claims he’s cool unlike his friends, but if this is what being cool is all about then I don’t know what to compare myself with I mean the way he treated me at the field was  just so nasty and rude.

   And even when woken  up from sleep and asked, ketuphel describe him, I will describe him as someone who is rude and no one can change  that perspective.

   “ketuphel Are you always this mean or you’re playing too hard to get”
I heard him ask
I asked confused

  “if there is anyone mean here it should be you or do you think I’m like those girls that worships you like you are some kind of a god”
I hissed

   “I’m sorry if that’s what  you think of me, don’t want you to have a bad impression on me….. I’m actually a good guy and……”

  “And what?”
I asked raising my eyebrows up             “And I like you, I really do whatever it means  to you I just want us to be together”
he said looking at my face pleadingly,

“so when did you develop this feeling of love towards me”
I asked acting tough and also hoping he doesn’t give up on me

  “since the very first day I set my eyes on you, but I thought it will be too early so I was just making sure you we’re not dating before I could ask you out .
But even if you were dating believe me I wouldn’t let go of my feelings without a fight”

At this last  statement, my brain almost burst  out and gosh! I felt on top of the world what more could I ask of ? but yet I know I  still have to play it off I need to be a little more stubborn.

     “Ok I will think about it”
I said as I stood up and pick my chair to go inside leaving him standing there like a lost sheep.
  “And I’ll keep waiting till you are done thinking”
He said  immediately I  opened the gate and step my foots inside. I stop but didn’t look back then walked  inside.

for days, winner   kept coming around requesting for my phone digits but I kept turning him down, yet he didn’t give up on me you know i have to play tough, though I was loving the chase, but I know I had to give him a chance before I loose him to some serious girl out there.

I finally agreed to your proposal I told winner  one day when he  came around he seems so happy or maybe shock because he didn’t speak for some seconds and when he finally spoke his face was just full of smiles .

   “ketuphe? Are you serious about this” he asked and of course I knew he wasn’t expecting no for an answer so I just kept quiet.

Winner and I started dating it was a wonderful experience,I felt so secured,loved, wanted and important too.

when confidence learnt  about it she came checking up on me I don’t know who told her anyways probably winner….

   “Correct girl”
she said as soon as she entered my room,
“give me a high-five”
she said raising up her  right hand in the air, it was a Sunday morning and she was all dressed to church likewise me,

  “what are you doing here”
I asked ignoring her hands which still hung on the air she found out I wasn’t ready and brought down her hands

  “girlfriend just me, I heard you’re already dating winner and he has been sweet on you” she asked I looked her in the face and twisted my mouth in in disgust.

  “Is that why you decided to come see me? are you done avoiding me?”
I asked her but she denied it, claiming she have  been busy and that she wasn’t avoiding me.

I came to love winner so much, and for a reason I still don’t understand I started to worry about my look.

yeah I’m a chubby round-faced girl with a fair complexion I have heard so many people say I’m beautiful some says  I’m a clear photocopy of my mum, but of course my mum isn’t  round faced.

My relationship was really having effects on me and I think the sisters found out or nearly found out about it because they kept asking me if I now have a boyfriend from time to time and even when I deny,  they  would start a long lecture on relationship troubles which is very unusual.

she has an oval shaped face, though chubby too be but very beautiful. I noticed I spent much time staring at the mirror these days worrying  about which clothes to wear, whether to make makeup or not.

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But I told myself I wasn’t going to give up on winner now since he has been so sweet on me, loving, caring and selfless the most sweetest  parts is whenever I’m in his arms,

And his sweet and  strong aroma  perfume fills  my nostrils. I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

    sometimes when the sisters are out of town he comes to my house keeping me company, dancing and cracking jokes. there was never a dull moment with winner, he was so sweet coupled with the fact that he  respect my decisions.

Winner is just the best guy ever and I was grateful to God for giving me such a person like winner. I have  always heard  so many girls complain that all boys wants in a relationship is sex, but definitely not my winner, or so I thought.

I found out those girls I always see around him no longer comes around this gave me the assurance that he wasn’t cheating and that it was only me, little did I know.

I was working straight to the store to get some groceries one fateful afternoon,  when a girl walked up to me.

she claimed to be winners girlfriend but didn’t reveal her name warning me to steer clear of winner if I don’t want to contend with her or put myself into trouble, warning me she would  tell the Reverend sisters that I’m dating if I don’t leave her winner alone.

   when she left I felt anxiety taking the greater Part of Me, I didn’t want to leave winner neither do I want the sister to find out about my love adventure. So  I resolved to go and confront winner at least to  confirm if what the girl said was true….  whenever you see him.

Portrays love, ketuphel fell in love with winner

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