The guy I fell in love with 4

Episode 4

Two weeks after we met victor at the field, I traveled back home as the Rev.sisters has promised.

At home I couldn’t concentrate, I wish someone like winner or probably see him here in my hometown.

But NO he is far far away from here, I already knew I had something for him, more especially as I was able to  tell confidence about it.

And confidence already convinced me that I was in love with winner.

She had told me to call him out one Sunday after their match with another club and confess my love for him since he wouldn’t look my way.

But hell no, I felt that was ridiculous and of course I wouldn’t do that.

Though winner is the ladies man, he always have any lady he wishes to have according to confidence, and I have also seen for my self.

The ladies always flocks around him, Though he’s not as handsome as victor Confidence’s boyfriend or Emmanuel his best friend.

I just figured out that the reason he gets so much attention is because he’s not as mean and rude as his friends,

Or maybe because he’s a clown, fun to be with, and an easy going type.

  I also learnt from confidence that he is a very good dancer, and a singer too, and has gone to so many shows where top celebrities were featured

And true to Confidence’s words, I have seen him twice or so dancing to no music at all.

    What could have attracted him to me? I was thinking as I lay down on my bed.

  ” phel… know you have been acting funny since you came back, always smiling for no reason”

My elder sister precious said coming to lay down as well, we share the same room and bed.

  “Good night”
I said covering my face with my pillow, which  indicates ” I don’t want to talk about it”.

She took the pillow away from my face and whisper into my ear
  “I see someone is in love, maybe she will tell me about it tomorrow” she ended laughing loudly,

I snatched my pillow from her mimicking her  ” good night” she said at last before laying her head finally on the bed.

  “How did she know? I asked myself wondering, oh what a sister I exclaimed, remembering she has that talent of reading people’s mind.

  Everything back home was just sore, home I had always wanted to be no longer interests me, and all I think of was winner.

Wishing school would resume so I would go back to the city and get to see winner’s face again.

Even though he doesn’t look my way and hasn’t spoken to me before, but just seeing his face is enough and all I wanted.

  “So who’s this guy that has succeeded in stealing my sister’s heart away” ,

  Precious asked coming to sit down on the same sofa with me. “Shhiii” I said placing my fore finger on my mouth to tell her to bring her voice down,

And also making sure that no one was in sight.  ” No one” I said after thoroughly observing

   “No one? And you are like this?”
She asked giving me that  you can’t be serious look 
“like what”
I asked confused

“’s all over you, even your character this days shows it, just pray mom never finds out” she said

  ” is it that obvious? I asked a little bit scared…” Of course  yes… So who is he ?” She asked

  “It’s just a guy I met sometime ago, though he didn’t ask me out, so let’s just say I have a crush on him and it’s just for the mean time.

  Remember I told you am not going to date till am 20 and ready to date and trust me I haven’t changed that”

I said just to convince her and so she wouldn’t ask more questions. Though I know very well that if winner comes asking me out I wouldn’t waste time falling into his arms.

“Alright if you say so….precious started, but just becareful men are not always what they claim to be.

She said at last and stood up to go ,  I thanked her and sighed in relief.

  I calculated myself very well and make sure I behaved my self to the best of my ability,
so mother wouldn’t find out about my love life atleast for the little while I would be staying with them.

And at the same time praying for the vacation to be over.

Two weeks after my sister’s lecture on men not being what they claimed to be, school resumed and I went back to city.

  Rev.sister munachi had called me the come back and clean the house before they would come back, it was a Saturday,

So I assumed they would be coming back on the Sunday or Monday morning

I left very early that Saturday and before evening I was in the city, I called confidence on phone,

And she was very happy to hear that am back, she rushed immediately to the house and helped me out in tidying the house.

  “I have missed you, and you have also missed a lot, do you know that winner came looking for you few days after you left,

And of course I told him you left for your village, he even demanded for your number, but I was afraid you might cut off my head”

  Confidence said non stop, smiling sheepishly I just laughed it out

“Confidence, I know that’s your plot to get me to talk to winner, but it won’t work for you”

  “My plot? She asked genuinely confused…..”the other day before I traveled, you said he asked after me

  But it turned out to be a lie because he saw me the next day and didn’t even say a word

  And even when I greeted him, he acted like I was invisible, that was the biggest mistake of my life,

And trust me I won’t do that do that again, no doubt I like him but I can’t possibly ask a guy out” I told confidence plainly.

  “But phel am serious” confidence started after awhile,       “okey may be I should tell him you’re back” she said

  “That’s your business” I said jokingly…..yes I don’t know confidence to be the lying type, but telling me winner came looking after me was just impossible.

I know he doesn’t like me even one bit, or so I felt so why will he be asking after me?THE GUY I FELL IN LOVE WITH 3

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