Episode 3

We waited in confidence’s house till it Was time for the field before we left…

We got to the field just in time to see the boys bouncing to the field.

We sat on a block packed together which is our normal spot.

Not many people have arrived but before long they started coming.

we sat watching them train before their opponents arrived, my eyes fell on one of the boys as he was about sitting down on the field,

“Who is that GUY?”
….. I asked confidence,

“Which GuY”?
she asked looking at the direction of my finger,

“The one beside the coach” I explained still pointing at the handsome tall figure, sitting beside the coach

“His name is winner, don’t you know him?…. She asked

Now that’s my problem with Nigerians, answering questions with question

“If I knew him I wouldn’t be asking”…. I replied

“Phel are you for real? Like seriously who doesn’t know winner! Besides his house is not far from yours”….she said

“Oh I see!
I replied bluntly…… For the rest of our stay in the field my eyes kept falling on him and some of the times our eyes meets each other but he will quickly divert his eyes and I wondered why.

He seems to be the peoples boy or maybe the best player because his name was on everyone’s lips.

I got home that day and all I could think of is winner, his cute face kept appearing to me,

I wonder why am thinking so much about this guy, even when I close my eyes I kept seeing his face.

I waited impatiently for another training day to come, so I could see his face again…

And yes it did came, but not early enough, because it seems ages to me…

But then I waited through out the training without setting my eyes on the winner guy,

Days passed by, and weeks also, I didn’t get to see winner, yes I wouldn’t deny the fact that I missed him,

But?? How possible is it to miss someone you’re not close to? Like someone you haven’t spoken to?

Well I just can’t describe it, but I know I long to see his face, even if am not going to speak with him.

I can’t even explain the feelings, when I didn’t see winner for some time, I quit going to the field with confidence,

Perhaps for fear of going to field to see winner and then getting disappointed.

“Phel am not leaving this room till you tell me why you quit going to the field” confidence queried me

“. Nothing, I don’t just feel like it, besides don’t you think we should engage in more serious things than just going to while away time”

I said trying to convince her but she didn’t believe one bit of what I said…

“OK things like what?
She asked folding her arms across her breast and looking at me mockingly. I threw my face away not wanting her to see the guilty face

“Okey since you don’t want to tell me,there’s no problem….I will just go alone.”

Confidence said and was about to leave, and at that instance I felt bad and guilty, this is a girl who tells me vividly everything about her, and yet am keeping things like this from her…..

“Okey I will go with you” I said as she stood behind the door, she turned back giving me a warm smile, so I dressed up and together we went to the field.

Getting to the field the first person I set my eyes on was winner, he was training with the junior teams, and immediately that funny feeling came running through my veins…..the feelings I had the first day I set my eyes on him.

“He asked of you”
Confidence said not looking at me
“Who? Jasper?
I equally asked looking at her as we sat on our normal spot.

“Nope,the guy on the field” she said further still not looking at me. “Oh you mean the coachie ! He gave me a message to sister Thelma, I think he wants to start teaching at st Bridget’s….. I said but confidence burst out laughing

“Drama queen!
she hailed

“You know, you should consider acting as a career, you’re really good at it, but really, stop the pretending because am not talking about coachie, am talking about winner…..but wait a sec! why are you always acting funny each time you see him”
She asked leaving an odd expression on her face

“Hey don’t give me that face, it’s nothing” I said giving her a friendly punch…

“Nothing? She asked further with a smirk on her face…
I looked around to Make sure no one was listening to us .

When the training was over, we stood up to go. Then we heard someone Calling confidence’s name….”oh Victor! Confidence called out as the guy approached us.

He gave confidence a little hug and looked at me in a funny way, which I literally interpreted to be ” who is she?”

“Oh it’s ketuphel, the girl i told you about, that lives with the Reverend sisters” Confidence told him…phel his name is Victor, my boyfriend I told you about, she introduced us.

“Um…okey” I said not knowing what else to say

“Oh! Ketufail I have heard about you” he said mispronouncing my name

“Actually it’s ketuphel, P.H.E.L Phel for short ” I said correcting him.

“Oh phel! But what language is that, am sure it’s not Igbo or Yoruba and possibly not Hausa? Victor asked

“Yes it’s not, but am actually an Igbo girl, and ketuphel means one who deserves loves.” I said explaining to him,

” Oh I see! Are you guys going home already? He asked directing the question to confidence

“Yes, the game is over right? Confidence answered as he walks us home.

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