The guy I fell in love with 2

Episode 2

“I heard the tigers will be playing with the Golden club on Sunday? ”

I asked confidence on our way back from the field one Thursday..

yes I found out the  boys were not just playing for fun but also for the future and they were under sponsorship…

“Yes and guess what?..
It’s the Senior players, I like watching them sha unlike the junior players that usually come to train everyday their match is always interesting!”

Confidence said looking all excited

 “Why are you so excited, is your boyfriend playing? ” 

I asked and she gave me a soft pinch on my elbow.
Yeah I knew she had a boyfriend, she has told me about him,but I haven’t met him before

She called

“Yes..I answered looking straight the way home…

“I have always wanted to ask you this…., she paused

Ask what?”

I asked when it seems she wasn’t going to say anything

“Why don’t you ever want to date?

I mean you keep shouting down every guy that approaches you….

I just hope all this stories about beautiful girls and handsome boys are not true,and that am not involve with one…”

For some seconds I didn’t get her last statement, then it hits my brain and I burst out laughing

I called her softly, am used to calling her confi in stead of the full confidence which seem long to me

“So you mean if someone out there tells you am a lesbian you would believe them?”
 I asked

“Not like I would believe them, but you just don’t like talking to boys and that is it”
 she stated further…

 “OK am not a lesbian, am just not ready to get into any relationship now.

Boy’s are  big distraction for girls with big dreams, but don’t worry I will get involve with one when I clocks 20, I assured her”

“But what difference will it make?

You’re already 19 and soon you will be 20 yet Jasper has been begging you to accept him and you kept turning him down!…”

“Who’s Jasper?”

I asked feigning ignorance,

“The guy at the field”

 she answered I could  sense frustration in her voice but I kept quite for some time…

“Sister Muna said I would go and visit my mom when school vacates,since they would be going back to the convent ”

I said changing the topic, of course I knew I had told her before but I just wanted her to gave up her nagging and of course she did….

Sunday came came earlier than I had expected, I run through my chores after the service and waited for evening so Confidence and I could go to the field together.

Talking about Confidence I remembered I have not seen her since the last Thursday we went to field.

Maybe she has been busy I assured my self.

I went to Rev.munachiso to take permission to go see confidence, though all the sister’s are nice to me.

But I love sister munachiso more, she’s my favourite .

Always giving me advice and discussing personal things with me.

Alright but don’t stay out late, we would be going to the convent and won’t be coming back today .

She said, I thanked her and stormed out.

I went to Confidence’s house and saw her all dressed up for the field.

“Were you going to leave without me? I asked her

“Of course not” she said , and of course I didn’t believe her I just kept mute.

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