The guy i fell in love 5

Episode 5

Two weeks after I came back to the city confidence and I started our normal outside and that is the field.

confidence came over just when I was all dressed up……….. “Look phel I don’t like what you are wearing” she said after staring at me for ages

    “What do you mean”
I asked confused it’s not the first time I’m wearing this to the field and besides she has never complained about my clothes before so I wonder why.

     “It’s not just the clothes don’t you think it’s high time you start thinking about your looks and work more on it, I know you are very pretty but sometimes you need to apply some makeup”
she said  

I asked  mockingly
  “do you realise I’m living with Reverend sisters and besides I don’t even like make-ups

I’m okay with just my earrings my necklace and bangles and beside why are you complaining about this, this is not the first day you are seeing me like this” I said

   “you have always wanted Winner  to talk to you right ? just take a look at those girls flaunting around him yet he claims  most of them are not his taste. what makes you think he will look at you or even talk to you like this” she said looking down on my clothes

I looked myself in the mirror by my bedside I didn’t see anything wrong with  my dress a yellow fancy top over a faded blue jeans skirt.

“Wait you want me to wear trousers”
I asked confused

“and not necessarily trouser you could wear your church outfit she said at this I bust out laughing
       “don’t be ridiculous why aren’t you wearing yours”
I asked her .

    “well I don’t need to but you need it so winner could find you appealing who knows he might even ask you out” she said winking at me.

” alright discussion over”……… I said pushing her Softly  and closing the door

“and if Winner  and I are meant to be together my dressing won’t stop it I just have a crush on him and he doesn’t have that for me which is normal so the feeling isn’t mutual okay!……”

“don’t worry I will get over him”
I said after few minutes of working in silence but she didn’t say anything Till we  got to the field.

I saw  winner sitting on our spot even though it was the senior teams that was training but he wasn’t.
He was just sitting there looking down on his phone

“what is he doing on Our space? I asked confidence as we were approaching
   “I don’t know” she said off minded.

“I don’t want to go there again let’s let’s stay here” I told confidence
  “why? there’s still space there where we can sit down”she said half dragging me along.

  “Hi winner boy! confidence greeted him
“hi love he greeted back and they go on chit chatting,

I just sat there staring blankly into space all I could hear is their voices but my mind was off I didn’t get a single thing.

“Phel!! confidence called pinching me softly, I was startled
  “I have  called you for like three times now where is your mind?”
“I’m sorry I was just thinking” I told her
   “thinking about what”
she has given me a look that says behave yourself and I got the meaning

  “Oh nothing much I said try to sound ok
“hi” winner said popping his head out and waving at me,

“oh my God, did you just speak to me or am I imagining this I said in my mind with a feeling of excitement rushing through my veins
  “hi” I said hoping he didn’t notice my excitement 
   “let me get something down the street” confidence said  giving me that look of don’t fall my hands,I would have asked to go along with her but for the looks.

    Confidence has a way of sending message with eye contacts especially when there is a third party and I have learnt and understand all the different looks.

   “your friend says your name is ketufail?”
winner asked
  “yes” and yours I asked trying to add to the conversation or maybe I thought I should have added more after saying yes but he bust out laughing so loud that everyone’s eyes was on us.

   “gosh what sort of embarrassment is this what is so funny with what I’ve just said” I ask myself ,

“are you for real?….. like who doesn’t know my name in this area? He  said at last.
“so what are you?…. a mini god or a celebrity?” I asked him feeling a little bit annoyed,

   “Ok don’t get me wrong I thought by now you would have known my name, I  thought  confidence must have told you about me,
  I came looking for you some time ago but confidence told me you traveled….

  “so why were you looking for me?
I asked interrupting him, he kept quiet for some time then you started….. “Fail, confidence….
   “It’s actually phel! P.H.E.L….. why do you all keep me mispronouncing my name?

  “I mean which parents in their right senses would called their child FAIL? I ask interrupting him, he ignored me and continued
   “confidence has told me a lot about you and I kinda like you… in a special way, I don’t know, how this sound to you but I really want you to be my girlfriend”.

he dropped the one statement I had always wanted to hear from him for so long now.
   “so if I eventually accept, what will be the my position? would I be the 5th or the 6th I asked after a while, hoping you will say no that there is no one else.

but it was just a mere wish because he burst out laughing so loud,
    “no it’s actually the 10th or probably the 12th he said laughing even more to my irritation

  “ok I’m not interested”
I told him convincing myself that I was doing the right thing even though I really wanted to say yes to his proposal,
    “not interested?… he asked with an odd expression on his face, I guess he was hurt.
Maybe he was expecting yes for an answer,

  “you can’t tell me that, because even confidence told me you like me and no one has ever told me NO”.

“Oh I see why you feel like a god, because you always have them at your beck and call, well you should know that  I’m not like all those girls that flaunts around you.

     “And besides what I have for you then was just crush which is normal but now every single thing I have for you is gone so take your love somewhere else I’m not interested” I said sounding very harsh,

he stood up walk a little bit away from me then turned back and snapped his finger which I think means I will get you

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