The eNaira could mean embezzle Naira – Reno omokri trolls Buhari

Reno Omokri trolls Buhari over the launch of the eNaira digital currency he stated that the eNaira has no blockchain backbone , and no miners and was unnecessary ,

Further more he opposed that Nigerians do not need the eNaira as it was Unnecessary that what Nigeria needed was

  • Security
  • Jobs
  • Electricity
  • Roads
  • Schools etc

and so on he posted this on his social media handle

“If you asked buhari to explain what he launched, he won’t be able to say anything intelligent.

” how do you launch a digital currency with no blockchain, no Miners and no clear idea of what you want to achieve ?

Did you miss ? “The E-naira is not a cryptocurrency” – Reno

eNaira could as well mean Embezzle Naira, Nigerians do not need an unnecessary eNaira what they need is e-security, e-jobs, e-electricity, e-roads, e-schools and above they need an e-buhari. because the physical buhari is doing more harm than good so maybe an e-version of buhari would be better”

He posted this on almost all his social media handle imploying that President buhari has zero knowledge about digital currencies and the eNaira would be of little or no value to Nigeria and would have no effect on the economy

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