“The E-naira is not a cryptocurrency” – Reno

Reno Omokri had argued about the eNaira being a crypto currency,

According to him, “The eNaira is an exercise in futility it is not a paper currency because it has no miners or blockchain secured Ledger”


He said it is very unnecessary because Nigeria went cashless under Jonathan, so it is under probability that it will have effect on the value of the naira, because it is not tied to production.

He went on to say the roll-out was Shady and unco-ordinated, proposing that the information given to the public about the eNaira was very little

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“without information how do you expect to convince anyone to buy into the eNaira and they say they want international investors to buy into it who will buy into a digital currency issued by a government that ban cryptocurrency and Twitter? the whole concept is confused and clueless “

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