The Culture And Tradition Of Latuka – South Sudan , Demands That You Would Have To Kidnap The Woman You Wish To Marry

The Culture And Tradition Of Latuka – South Sudan Demands That  You Would Have To Kidnap The Woman You Wish To Marry

The culture of latuka in South Sudan, demands that a suitor must kidnap a lady who he  intends to marry,  by employing the services of other men together with whom he will lay an ambush for, chase and arrest the lady.

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The captured lady is then taken to her suitor’s home where she is kept against her own wish before the so suitor would inform her father later.

And the most interesting aspect of this culture and tradition of this latuka South Sudan inhabitants,  is that the lady’s father must engage in a Mortal Kombat and must beat up his son-in-law to be to show that he approves of his intended marriage to his daughter.

But if the father couldn’t beat up the son-in-law the marriage wouldn’t hold,  though it is unsure how intense or extensive the Beatings take,

but when a woman is spotted by a man and is kidnapped, it takes away her choice and Right to make an input into which man she spend the rest of her life with, this clearly shows that her opinion is not needed and her feelings is not considered.

After kidnapping the girl, her suitor returns to her family with elderly male relatives to officially ask for her hand in marriage.

  With the girl still in his possession, her father is left with a choice on whether or not to agree to the proposal by his this suitor,

the response of a “Yes” or “No” from the father comes with a separate ceremonial activities.

If the girl’s father agreed to the proposal from the Suitor, he is expected to beat his prospective son-in-law to be to show his approval to their proposal.

   Report say  “the Beating signifies that the man is willing to be beaten for his wife sake, since it’s about the sacrifices he is willing to make for the woman he loves”.

Equally interesting is the fact that if the father’s response is “No”, the suitor has the discretion to decide whether to return the kidnapped daughter or go ahead to marry her regardless.

Some people suggested that,
  “there should be no asking for a hand in marriage since the suitor has the right to marry the kidnap girl on the father’s disapproval”.

But just considering the fact that this bride’s father never liked the soon-to-be son-in-law, and the son-in-law can only win over the girl when he endures the Misery of the cane,
funny enough that is where the whipping would become even more nastier.

Southern kaduna almost like that of south Sudan culture

  Although some decades ago this same culture and tradition was practice in the Southern part of kaduna state in the North zone of Nigeria,

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though it doesn’t involve the father-in-law or anybody beating the suitor and most at times, the guy who kidnapped the lady might be her lover (this is a lot more better ) .


Or whenever ladies go to gist and play the moonlight dance at night, and a guy takes her scarf (hair tie) and runs off , she will be chased from home to go pick it up and this signifies that she is married to the guy.

Nobody ever looks for her ever again because everybody already know the man who took her scarf has taken her and he will come willingly  to pay the bride price and go with his wife.

And that is all it is to it, though with modernization or perhaps civilization, this culture has seized to exist among the people of southern Kaduna but still very active in latuka South Sudan

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