Tears In Abia State as kidnappers raid and kidnapped some men along Isikwuato /Uturu Road.

Some group of unknown kidnappers, raid and kidnapped some men along Isikwuato / Uturu Road.

News had it that some men raided and kidnapped some occupants of a small vehicle along the road of Isikwuato/ Uturu road , in Abia state.

The victims were 8 in number, including A Reverend father , A lecturer and the in law to one Reverend Ehud Emenike a Methodist church Reverend.

other source said there is also another Methodist church Reverend and his wife in the car, and the said car that was raided belonged to the Reverend who is pastoring in Uturu (uncomfrimed ).

However, The Reverend father, who is pastoring in Isikwuato, has managed to escape together with the lecturer.

According to him, their captors left their car, and make them walk for hours inside the bush to an unknown destination,

And late at night when their captors where sleeping with some of the captives , he has been awaked praying, with the feelings that , that would be their last night on earth, as they do not know the aims of their captors.

But miraculously, his hands has loosened a bit, and he has to use his teeth to do the rest of the job. He had woken the lecturer up and asked him if he was ready to escape with him, of which the lecturer agreed.

They had woken the next man close , who is said to be Reverend Ehud’s inlaw (Name unknown) to get up and escape with them, but the latter has told them he can’t walk long distance due to some leg pains he was having. But wished them luck

The two has embarked on their escape route and after an hour or two, started hearing the sounds of gun in the far distance, but didn’t freak as they knew they had gone far away from the kidnappers.

They had walked all night and morning till later at about mid day when they came out of a village known as Lokpa-ukwu which is close to Uturu.

However, they have refused to follow the road path but chose the bush path instead, because they were looking so dirty.

They had managed to walk till they got to Holy Cross Catholic church in Uturu, and the Reverend father there had welcomed them, and had them cleaned up before driving them to their Places.

However, the kidnappers had started calling the families of the remaining 6 victims, demanding for the sum of 40 million Naira per each person,

After much bergains from the family of one of their captives, they had settled for 10 million Naira for each person.

The Methodist church of Uturu Diocese, are pleading with the kidnappers to accept 4 million naira from them and released their captives, but the kidnappers have refused.

Though without threats, they had promised to treat the victims well , as long as they co-operate .

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