Some business ideas to consider before 2021 runs out

Some business ideas to consider before 2021 runs out

  You probably want to save up some money , or you are wondering what business to go for, that could fetch you some money before the year runs out . in this article, I have some business ideas that would bring in cool cash .

  “Hey” mind you its not all about sharing business ideas, the question is , are you ready to implement what you have read in this article? If your answer is NO , this article is not for you, but if it’s a YES, then you are in the right place.

1:Bike riding (okada): If you are a guy, without cash at hand , you should really consider this idea, and before the end of 3 months there is a 99% assurance that you will be having not less than 200,000 smiling in your bank account.

Here are some business ideas to consider before the end of the year

  You know first thing to do while considering a business idea , is to set a goal, aim high, set a daily ritual, read success stories, implement ideas, work hard and smart too.

You might ask , there are a lot of people out there , most especially those in the middle or the rich, looking for people who to give out their bike on hire purchase, you could meet one in your area , reach an agreement with them and ride their bike for them till the money is completed.

   Ironically, people do look down on bike riders . But hey! This guys are making a lot of money, what if I tell you they are making up to 5-10+ on daily  basis.

Let’s assume you’re making 5k a day, and you agreed to be paying the owner of the bike 5k every week? That means out of 40k made a week, you have just 5k to give out..the rest goes to your bank.

2: Flour business: This requires just a little capital, if you are good at baking , you could be making upto 10-20k on daily basis.

  You can start this up even if you have zero knowledge about baking, all you just need to do is watch videos on YouTube for like 2-3 times and trust me you will master the game.

  Just find a good site for your business, and you will be making huge sums of money daily because , this is because it is not a seasonal product. People eats snacks on daily basis.

3: Start up a fast food: consider starting up a fast food cafeteria in an open site, a lot of business people or office workers who usually leaves home early in the morning, prefers fast foods like noodles to start up the day, so if you’re good with it, you are bound to make cool cash

4: Start up a bush bar: Starting up a bush bar in an urban environment is a very lucrative business, and when I say lucrative I mean damn LUCRATIVE , 99% out of every 100% people living in an urban area, are always on the look for where to relax after the days stress.

So if you can consider this business idea, before the year runs out, you will have a lot of money smiling in your bank account, you can even employ people as time goes on, because your business will be booming it’s a 100% assurance.

5:Consider an online business: a lot of people thinks that every online business is a scam, this is so saddening because a lot of guys like my self are making 4,5,6-7 figures legitimately online every month.

  The good thing about this stuff is that you make a whole lot of money while sitting at home and at your own time.

The bitter truth about those who usually gets scammed are those who wants to make millions without much work, they want to invest 10k and gets 60k in return without working for it, but things doesn’t really work that way.

If you must make money online, you must work hard for it, don’t just work hard ,work smart also and before you know it you will be smiling broadly.

How ever, there are some factors that determines your success story online these factors are the KLT factor, where K=Know
If you can really get people to know you, like you and ofcourse trust you! Believe me the sky is your starting point.


Here are some online business ideas to consider

Online business

1:mini importation: Do you know with as little as 6k you can start a mini import business, mini import as the name suggest is not a small scale business it all depends on the size of your pocket.

All you just need to do is, find the product you want to buy on, or E.T.C and send to a shipping company agent so they can ship it down to you.

But you must know, there are some factors to consider before going into it, I have written an ebook titled “A-Z GUIDE ON MINI IMPORTATION”  and is selling for $5 approximately #10,000 in the Nigerian naira and I have sold more than 50 copies already

2: Drop shipping: this requires no capital at all, I mean no registration fee , no investment, just nothing, all you just need to do is promote peoples business, and sell to your customers.

Assuming the owner of a fashion wear store, wants you to promote the new clothes he has in store for him/her, and the clothes is sold for 2k you can sell to your customers at 3.5k and keep the gain to yourself. The owner of the store can now ship down the clothes to the customer.

3: Content writing: if you’re good at writing this is for you, there are alot of companies online looking for people to write for them and they are really going to pay a mouth watery sum of money for it.

4:Data resaling: this is not a get rich quick business idea, but makes a lot of sense if you can sell very well.

     Do you know why you should consider this ? According to research, 99.9% of people both young and old uses smart phone and therefore, purchases data on daily basis.

So if you start a data resaling business, you are sure of making upto 10k on daily basis.this is because this platforms, sell at 40% cheaper rate below our network providers.

  Infact , I have one am participating in, on this platform you also earn data and a little token when you refer someone to register , and am bagging in up to 5k  daily plus some data on daily basis. You too can , if you can take it serious. To get started , just login to their website and register

   In conclusion, there are a lot of business ideas out there to really consider, and by the end of 3 months, you will be surprise at how far you have gone

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