Reno Omokri Set To Lodge Another #HarassBuhariOutOfLondon Protest

Reno Omokri has planned to lodge another #HarassBuhariOutOfLondon protest as President Buhari plans Another London Health Vacation.

I understand from my sources within Aso Rock that General Buhari is planning another London health vacation, my counsel to him is that he should perish the thought .

Did you miss? This is the final nail in the coffin for the blackmailers from Aso Rock

Stating further, he made it clear that the reason he suspended the last attack even after he has surrounded buhari’s premises during #HarassBuhariOutOfLondon rally was because of Ramadan and his respect for the Muslim Ummah Beyond Reasonable Doubt’s

He threatened to give Buhari the “mother of all Harass out of London Rally”

” if you want health care, build hospitals for yourself and Nigerians” saying this, he bait that nothing and no-one can distract him and his plans.

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