Reno Omokri Accuses President Muhammadu Buhari ( PMB ) of Subjecting Nigeria to Slavery

The political oppressor who also calls himself #BuhariTormentor on 28, September 2021, took to his official Facebook page to accuse president buhari of subjecting Nigeria to slavery.

He wrote ” Obasanjo rescued Nigerians from debt slavery by paying our debt in 2006 , Buhari put us in to worse slavery by increasing our debt from #12 trillion in 2015 to #35 trillion today. yet buhari had the audacity to insult obasanjo.”

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He accuses buhari of making Nigeria to look big for nothing before the international community by begging the Queen of the Netherlands money ,

Without knowing that the Dutch Queen is a ceremonial head of state just like Queen Elizabeth 11 , and therefore has no power to lend Nigeria Money .

” He refuses to shake women, because it is Haram, yet he can beg them for money like the bambiala he is ” Reno stated

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