Queen Elizabeth Cancels Trip To Northern Ireland

BBC has just reported that Queen Elizabeth has pulled out of a global summit  due to medical and health reasons.

a report from Buckingham Palace says that the Queen had to cancel her trip to Ireland and accept medical advice to rest for the next few days though reluctantly.

these were the exact words of Buckingham Palace
  “95 years old Queen Elizabeth will remain in her castle , though she will attend the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow later this month,

the Queen held a virtual audience with the new governor-general of New Zealand some days ago, and later attended the races at Ascot .

She has really reluctantly accepted medical advice to rest for the next few days, though disappointed that she wouldn’t be going to Northern Ireland where she had been due, to undertake a series of engagements , she sent her warmest good wishes to the people of Northern Ireland and looking forward to visiting them soon.

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Reports made it clear that her case isn’t related Covid-19 neither is she seriously I’ll.

One official who is very familiar with the case has it that the Queen is due to arrive in Hillsborough in county down sooner, precisely on Wednesday afternoon.

And also after a church service markingthe centenary of the formation of Northern Ireland in Armagh by tomorrow,

sources had it that Queen Elizabeth is the Nation’s longest reigning monarch and had attended a series of events over the years.

       On Tuesday she will be hosting a global Investment summit at windsor castle, earlier today she was said to have held a video link with two audiences greeting the Japanese ambassador  Hajime Hayash and the EU ambassador Joao Da Almeida

Check https:///www.bbc.com

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