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Our services includes

Services_Graphic design

We offer any kind of graphics services such as

  • Flyers
  • Logo
  • Banner
  • Video animation
  • Text animation
  • 3D mock up
  • Cartoon animation
  • eBook cover
  • ebooks
  • Picture cartoons
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Video adverts
  • Facebook ads.
 Graphic design,has become or is now part of our daily activities, as a business owner, you need graphics like logo and/flyer to promote your business.graphics is what gives your brand names, both online and offline, a good graghics is what attracts your customers, as a copywriter, you need graphics, as a marketter you need graphics, as a content creator you need also graphics, even as a hair stylist,vendor and a business man/woman you need a logo/banner to show the word the services you render. 
 This days technology has made it really simple, easy and affordable to get really nice graphics.

  Aside paying people to render graphic services for you, you can actually learn graphics, and do your works even without a pc.

Sometime back graphics was really a challenging thing for me till i came accross https://digitex.com and got a certificate in graphics after one month of training with just my smart phone.

  We also offer tutorials on graphic designs, when it comes to anything graphics you can rely on us because we are the best and we strongly believe that based on our clients testimonies.

Business Coaching

We also coach people (youths and stay at home mom) on business ideas to venture in, we coach you on the best business to go into even as student or stay at home mom.

Mini importation

We coach you on how to start a mini importation business with your smart phone right in the comfort of your bedroom, we also have written an eBook on this course, with over 50 copies sold out already.

You can visit our Facebook page @ Giftech Graphics or visit us on WhatsApp @ wa.me/8135589684, or email us at fideliagift14@gmail.com