My Uncle’s plight in the occultic world

My uncle’s plight in the occultic world.
All my life I have always heard stories about ritualist /occultist, but I never believed there are true.

I mean how can a common wood or metal carved by my fellow human being possesses such powers that is always attributed to them,
or how can my fellow human being be used for ritual like he/she will be producing money ?

It’s not possible, nah! in fact such stories always pisses me off.
But something happened that made me changed that mindset.

I was on my way to school one day I was in my final year in secondary school writing my exams,

That morning I had felt very tired and sick to stand up from my bed,

till my mom comes into my room to asked why I haven’t got up My exam was scheduled by 10 but by 9:30 I was still at home,

Something isn’t just right I can feel it but I don’t know what it was, my mum kept asking if I was okey and I will reply her yes.

When I was all done and ready to leave the house, she offered to go with me so she could explain to the school management that I wasn’t feeling too well
just in case am late to the exam but I refused.

Though our school is not very far from my house but sometimes I do enter bike especially when ever am late to school
But on this day I chose to go on foot, even though am late for the exam

There’s a Bush path also that leads to my school but my mom had warned me several times not to pass through that path alone for fear of being molested by touts who always go there to smoke, since they had turned
It to their second home.

I decided to follow this route since is the shortest way so as to get to school on time even though I was late already
I was walking all alone, everywhere seems dry there was no single person in view, Even the popular smell of India hemp could not be perceived

Is it that this guys are on strike or is it still early!
I was thinking when I felt like someone was following me I turned around to know who it was but didn’t see anyone.

I continued to have this feelings yet each time I turn around I won’t see anyone

I was almost out of the lonely Bush path when a heavy breeze began to blow, every where around me looks dark like it was about to rain or should I say getting dark,

yet when I look ahead it’s very clear
It could be as a result of the headache am having, maybe am having malaria and it’s affecting my brain..

all this was going through my mind when the breeze came again this time with full force pouring sands into my eye
by this time I knew my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me anymore,
I tried to run but realized I was stocked I couldn’t move
Then I fell down and become unconscious.

What happened next I don’t know all I know is that when I woke up I saw myself in a strange room

I was seated at a corner with my hands and legs tied
The room was decorated in red clothes all through.

just right in front of me was a long table covered with red clothes, I looked closely and saw someone laying on it, it’s a man he was completely naked from head to toe I rubbed my eye and looked closely just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming

but I was right, my eyes wasn’t deceiving me.
At another corner of the room I saw ugly carved images some with big eyes, some with their big scary teeth sticking out
Some with scary faces, I saw some in form of vultures,
a big chair was placed in the center between this images I guess it’s their alter.

Could this be a dream or my imaginations
I looked closely again at the man laying down, his hands and legs where tied a pipe was connected from a calabash to his head, a whitish fluid was flowing through the pipe


I screamed in fear, I recognized the man laying there it’s my uncle who went to serve a business man in town but came home after five years with madness.

Could this be his brain going into that calabash through the pipe? I asked rhetorically

I wanted to get up there and disconnect the pipe but I couldn’t get up, at that instant I felt really sick
Uncle chidubem is my favorite uncle despite his present condition I still prefer him to all my other uncles

I was still sitting down planing on how to escape with my uncle there when I began to hear some scary sounds.
A big ugly strange looking bird flew in straight to the alter, follow by other smaller ones

All my life I have never seen such birds
I was really scared, I wish I could just wake up and stop this awful dream.

One by one they began transforming in to humans, starting from the last that flew in, to the first.

They all had the red wrapper tied around their waists and head with bare bodies.

I was looking at their faces to see if I could recognise any of them, but I didn’t it’s all strange faces.

Then I began to cry, how can I ever escape from this mean faces, I was really crying hard when one of them barked at me to keep quite…

I recognise that voice! Yes I do
But the face isn’t familiar
What am I even saying isn’t it possible for two people to have same voice? besides I can’t even recognise the face or maybe my brain is just blur

After performing some rituals I was made to stand beside the table where my uncle was layed,

I was starring at him wondering what they were up to when the pipe was disconnected I was asked to drink from the calabash, it’s a mixture of both blood and some whitish fluid

It was disgusting and I wanted to throw up,
but I refused to drink it,

then the man who had presented the calabash to me was trying to force me but I struggled with him
I was still struggling when I felt a sharp pain on my back but I wasn’t going to give up.

Then I heard my uncle’s voic “Grace what are you doing here?” His voice was weak and teary

But that isn’t my problem, I wasn’t going to allow this man force this thing down my throat

We struggled till he forcefully opened my mouth and pour the substance but I didn’t swallow it I spat it on his face,

though I was getting weak and the pain on my back was becoming unbearable, another man came closer and pulled something away from my back it was a sword I was handed the sword and asked to stab my uncle or I die

The word death sounds scary to me that for some seconds I wanted to accept their offer of killing my uncle in other to live but I can’t bring myself to doing it..

When they saw that I wasn’t going to do it the man held my hand to help with the job,

I don’t know how but the name
escaped my mouth and I think I saw them tremble.

that was when it occurred to me to pray, I started praying calling on the name of Jesus and the cultist where falling

I rushed over to where my uncle is and untied him before the cultist would regain their strength and together we made it out of the building without knowing where we are going, and all this while I never stopped calling the name jesus till we get home

Thanks to God my uncle regained his strength and was well again !!!

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