Meet The 34 Years Old Nigerian Who Is Serving Life Imprisonment In United States

Meet The 34-Year-Old Nigeria Guy Who Is Serving Life Imprisonment In United States For Trying To Bomb A Plane

A lot of things seems to be going very wrong in this generation, I mean in this 21st century.

there are so many strange things that are going on in different parts of the world.

We should always train our children to stay away from crime, a lot of youths are engaging themselves in criminal acts, thereby endangering the lives of innocent citizens.

See photos of a 34 years  Nigeria guy serving life Imprisonment in the United States for trying to bomb a plane.

   This guy Farouk Umar Abdul mutallab , is the son of a famous banker and business man from the north  Alhaji Umar Muttallab.

  Up till now , no one knows what triggered the young man to want to bomb the plane which was carrying Passengers from Netherlands to the United States.

Unfortunately, he was caught by the United States authorities.

According to reliable source: Umar Farouk hails from Katsina State and was born on 22th of December 1986.

He is currently 34-years-old. Umar Farouk boarded the plane just like other passengers, and hid the bomb which was programmed to detonate under his clothes.Unfortunately, the bomb malfunctioned and Farouk was caught by the United States authorities.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2012 by the court, and he is still serving his jail sentence.

After further investigation, Umar Farouk revealed the terrorist group that sent him to bomb the plane.

A lot of questions has been arising, if he’s father is such an influential man, then what could of triggered this action

Isn’t it obvious that this terrorist only use those beggers ( almajiri) found on the road to pursue their deadly mission.

What then could have triggered the young vibrant lad to want to end his life and that of other innocent souls.

This drastic event took place in 2009 on Christmas day, and we thanks God for protecting the lives of other passengers on the plane

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