Meet Jonathan Lee Riches, The Man Who Sued Guinness World Book Of Record For Giving Him Award

Jonathan Lee Riches who is known as the most litigant in the world is one hell of a strange person, and are talking about him.

Of course there are many weird people around the world that you may have heard or read about, and one of such person is Jonathan Lee Riches.

this young guy first filed a lawsuit against his mother some years back, according to him his mother has not taken care of him well he won the case and got compensated with 20000 dollars,

after winning the case he went ahead to file cases against his friend maestro, his neighbour, fiancé, Judge, Relatives, police, famous companies, and even George Bush.

surprisingly he kept winning each case, according to record so far the number of cases filed by him in different courts has reached close to 2600, and he has won close to 8 million dollars in damages and compensation in the cases so far.

Jonathan Lee Riches name is also recorded in the Guinness World Book of record, surprisingly after knowing that his name has been recorded in the Guinness World Book Jonathan Lee Riches has filed a lawsuit against the Guinness Book of World, his reason being that his personal life was written in the book without his permission.

Jonathan lee riches

After the case with the Guinness World Record he was called to a TV show where he was asked

“what is the reason that even after so much fame you are living alone and there is no one to love you?” at this, he burst out laughing and then got up from the TV Show and left.

Little did they know that he was going to sue the TV channel for Dishonor of which he also got compensated with 50,000 dollars.

Guiness world book

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