The world of an Introvert

The world of an introvert

I was alone in my little world
But never for once did I feel lonely
The world of a young introverted girl

I was afraid to meet the outside world,
But then you came into my world
And you exposed me to the outside world
Tho am just a young introverted girl

Though it took long for me to adapt
But  then you assured me you will be there
But am just a young introverted girl

I accepted and held your hands
As you led me
and thought me socialism

Man is a social being
You always sing to my ear
And that is the only definition of a man you wants me to know
But am just a young introverted girl

Then I accepted you your definition of man
And held your hands as you led me on
And I am beginning to enjoy the outside world
The life of a young introverted girl

Had I known the outside is not friendly,
I would have listened to the voice in me wailing
But I ignored and allowed you led me on

My head was warning
My heart was weeping
My spirit was against
Even my conscience was against
But I still ignored

I was distroying my life
All in the name of socialism
And was blind to the signs
But had I known will always be the end word

You turned an introvert
Into an extrovert and you left me unguarded
Even after you promised to guard me
But you left me unguarded

Now am destroyed
Wished I had remained in my world
My lonely word
But you took my happy world away

The world of a young introverted girl.

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