Tomboy!A fight with a village tomboy

When my dad told me we will be relocating to my village,
one part of me was happy and the other wasn’t.

I was happy because for the first time since I was born we are travelling out of town so I will get to see some new places and breathe fresh air.

And the other wasn’t happy because I will miss all my friends…..
So that means I will start making new friends all over again I know it will be difficult for me because unlike my siblings am a very quiet and shy type .

It was on Wednesday when we bid Zaria farewell, we got to Abia state my home town very late and stressed out so we decided to leave the unpacking for the next day.

The following morning we were set to start arranging our stuffs, we will be staying here for the rest of our lives.

many people came to welcome us including children.
among all this people I noticed a girl on a typical male attire at a corner, she wore a polo shirt over a plain short, and she had her hair cut low If not for the two oranges on her chest though not noticeable I would have concluded that she’s a boy.

” presh take a look at that girl over there “
I said tapping my sister on her shoulder

“Which girl “

she asked following the direction of my finger
“The girl on short”

I said still pointing at the girl and immediately the girl turned to look at us I brought down my hand in fear, presh burst out laughing very loud.

“You mean that boy?”
She said sarcastically still laughing
“She’s a tomboy”

Presh said loudly to everyone’s hearing the girl kept her eyes on us….

I guess she knew we were talking about her
because she was starring hard at us I quickly diverted my eyes to avoid her blazing eyes but presh didn’t care at all she had her eyes still fixed on the girl….

It took us days to finally settle down, meanwhile I kept seeing this *tomboy* as my sister had called her, and on each occasions she would give me that look of ,
” I will get you some day”

But I will always laugh within me, I know getting me would be difficult because I don’t go out without presh in fact presh is my shield I know she can’t fight both of us at the same time or so I thought……..

But come to think of it i did’nt I Even do anything to this girl?
Why is she threatening me? I kept asking myself.

So one day I went to fetch water in the village borehole
presh wasn’t with me because she wasn’t feeling too well,

I had just finished fetching my water and was about lifting it to myhead when I felt a rough palm round my arm,
I turned round in anger to see who the unfortunate being is and to smash his/her head…

It’s the tomboy
My hands hung in the air as I wanted to hit her,
I was too shock even to move as I opened my mouth wide …
But wait a sec…

Why am I even afraid of this girl?
Is not like I have seen her beating someone before
Besides she’s a girl just like me.

ThoughI know I can’t fight am not strong
But maybe I can still beat her
She’s just intimidating me because she noticed am afraid of her and she never bothered presh because even if presh is afraid which I doubt,
she doesn’t show it.

“I won’t let this girl intimidate me”
I said to myself as I brought down my hands

“Yes how can I help you”
I heard myself asked

She didn’t say anything, she was just starring at me like a dummy
I just hissed and bent down to lift my water can then I felt a sharp pain on my back

I screamed in pain as I stood upright starring hard at her
” so you think because you came from the city you can do anyhow in this village?

Go and ask of me oo because I will beat you,your siblings and your parents all join together”

I heard her say with her heavy igbo accent as she turned around to go

“Go to hell”
I said to her, surprised at my own boldness

Only If I knew what was about to befall me
She stopped in her track move towards me and immediately grabbed my two hands and twisted it to my back I yelped in pain as she began to hit me all over my body.

The surprising thing is that
She held my two hands with just one hand and yet despite my struggles I couldn’t free myself
The other children that had come to fetch water as well made no move to separate us….

sorry I mean save me
They were just cheering her name
I was stuck in the tomboy’s hands planing a move with my tears filled eyes and blank head when she dug her fist on my sides
oh i felt my ribs breaking

as I yelled in pains and fell on the floor
everywhere became dark I guess I became unconscious,
Because what ever happened to me afterwards I didn’t know
all I knew is that I woke up the next day with pains all over my body and since then I decided to avoid her.
Not just her, but every Tomboy i come accross.

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