How to convert WhatsApp chat into a PDF file

In this article, i will teach you A-Z guide on how to convert your WhatsApp chat into a PDF file.

If you are looking for how to convert your WhatsApp chat into a PDF file, this article will teach you all you need to know

WhatsApp as we all know is a social media platform, with an end to end encrypted security which makes your chats private .

Aside from being a social media platform, they are other use for

WhatsApp following the different versions and update.

WhatsApp have up to 3 to 4 versions ;
WhatsApp business
WhatsApp messenger
WhatsApp from Facebook

1: WhatsApp business: WhatsApp business is mostly use by business owners, who have things to sell online, it is also very effective for organizing webinars, and selling digital products due to it’s great features.

Just like other social media platforms, a lot of scammers are also roaming WhatsApp looking for who to devour in the name of business.

And WhatsApp will not be held responsible if you fall for one, so do well to look out and avoid scammers.

However, this Article will help you alot as it can be used for evidence of scam after converting to a PDF file and stored in your google drive

Step by step guide on how to convert WhatsApp chat into a PDF file

Assuming you paid for a webinar, and you trust the  coach / teacher to delete the group soon , you probably enjoyed the webinar and wouldn’t want to lost the content for what so ever,

all you  need to do is convert it into a PDF file so you could visit the file anytime , any day to read and digest.

1: First step you need to do , to convert your chat into PDF file is to open your whatsApp app, login to your chat or the group chat you want to convert into PDF file.

2:click on the 3 doted lines at the right top corner of the group, you will see some options

3: go ahead and click on more, another set of options will pop up

4: click on export chat, another option will pop up, asking if you want to export with media or not,

       Note: the media includes voice notes , videos and images and can consume a lot of space, so you choose the option that suits you

5:After choosing the option that suits you, some set of app that support PDF like wps , gmail and also some WhatsApp contacts will pop up.

6: Choose gmail and enter the gmail account you want to send the chat to, that is your gmail account.

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7: After sending to your gmail account, click on the 3 dotted lines, select the print options, it will direct you to where you can save as PDF file.

  Save it , and open it with any PDF editor like Wp- office, or phoenix browser. It’s just as simple as that.

Now let’s look at the advantages of turning your WhatsApp chat into a PDF file

The good thing about this , is that it shows date and time each message was dropped, so it can also be used as evidence of scam

And aside turning into a PDF file do you also know you can also convert it into an ebook, just with a carefull editing and rewriting, you can also use it to organize your own webinar,

This can be a business opportunity for you if you learn this and consider it a skill, i mean if you master the act of turning chats into ebooks.

you can do this as jobs for business /webinar coaches and gets paid afterwards

So many advantages, this will bring you, but hey ! Before converting into an eBook, make sure to contact the coach of the webinar/class

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