How to become successful after graduating from university


Graduating from the University is a great achievement to any student.

But presently in Nigeria due to her economy and population it is more or like an hurculean task being a graduate.

Many youth are discarding or have discarded the thought or ideas of being a graduate and they go with this saying “school na scam”  which might be true to an extent but not 100%.

And the reason for this is because of what most graduates face after graduation. There is no difference between a graduate and a non graduate.

Because graduates now do menial jobs just to make ends meet. Jobs that non-graduates do, like working on construction sites, riding motorbikes, selling newspaper and magazine and all sorts of.
But I have some few tips that could actually make you successful after graduating from the University.

Here are some tips on how to become successful after graduating from university

1. Learn a Skill Or Trade: In Nigeria today we all know that our certificate is not a hundred percent guarantee and acquiring a good job. If you notice you would realise that most people end up doing something entirely different from what they studied in the university.
Even our president said that we should not depend on our certificates (Lol, funny enough, annoying and irritating). So it would be advisable you learn or high-income skill. We have a whole lot of them that you could choose from, Skills is the new knowledge that will rule and that is ruling the world.

2. Have a Good and and Attractive CV: it would interest you to know that a good job in any organisation, go through your CV thoroughly, So don’t just print and type your CV anyhow make it look attractive and also  highlight some of your skills into that CV of yours. I would also advise you not to use A4 paper use the brown coloured one.

3. Be Creative: Creativity and Ideas rules the world so says Sam Adeyemi. Always ask yourself all the time what can I do for myself what problems can I solve. How can I add value to people’s lives, What Solutions can I offer.

Think outside the box. Always think and ask yourself what can I invent. What can I in innovate. Always brainstorm ask yourself these questions daily and soon you’ll come up with an awesome idea.

4. Build Your Network: I’m sure we are all familiar or could have come across this popular saying. “YOUR NETWORK DETERMINES YOUR NET WORTH”. Who are your friends??
what are the people you are associate with or you’re on your own.

Remember a tree cannot make a forest neither can you be an island on your own. You need people to become what or who you want to be.

Emmanuel Akpe always say. “Rich people Reach people” who are the people you are reaching out to? You have to reach people to become rich, find a way to reach people. Gone are the days where you are shy or you just decide to stay in your shell. Try to build your network, try to know more people, try to associate with more people.

5. Find, Learn And Apply Principles: I have come to find out that principle is a strong Force and when applied results are inevitable. Principles well applied produces results.

Learn the principle of Giving, Sowing, Investing, Proper Planning, Taking Actions, Dedication, Commitment, Focus, Diligence, Hardwork, Discipline, Repetition, Honesty, Integrity, Endurance, Perseverance, Etc.
There are lots of principles in this universe and one of the best and right source of principles is from the Bible or the Quran.

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6. Invest in Yourself: Don’t invest your time, energy, and finance (resources) on anything that wouldn’t make you a better person or add value to your life.
Always think and ask yourself, how can I add value to life? How can I help others. How can I be a blessing to my society.

And once you can find answers to these questions you will come up with a way or an idea on how you can invest in yourself. Read books on your field read wide and broad.
Listen to motivational podcast don’t waste your time watching comedy instead world videos that will increase your knowledge. Also, do things that will increase your brain box capacity and your value.

7: Meet a counsellor: once in a while , meat a counsellor or someone older/wiser than you for counselor, tell people about your problems

8:Start up something: if you can really start up something, like a small kitchen, adverts or some other things, use your social media handle to promote what you do ?

And lastly

9: Create Good Relationship With People: Try to be friendly with everybody. Always be close to people call them when you need to most times pay visit. Be respectful, but also know and learn how to set boundaries so you wouldn’t be taken for granted.

Show people love the kind and caring to an extent (moderately). Don’t argue don’t keep grudges and malice with people because you will need them to make it in life.

And after all this, I can assure you of 97% If not 100% of success.

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