Fans made ridicule of Destiny Etiko picture with Kanoyo O Kanayo on Facebook

The veteran actress Destini Etiko posted a picture of her self with kanoyo o kanoyo with the caption UNCLE, on her official facebook page, but this didn’t go down well with her fans as they ceized the oppurtunity to say all The veteran actress Destiny Etiko unlike some of her coligues is a very social person and always post beautiful pictures of her self on her official facebook page, However things went wrong on 18, August 2021 as she posted beautiful pictures of her and one of her Coligue Kanayo .O .Kanayo with the caption UNCLE. But this didn’t go down well with her fans as some of them accused her of being a runs girl and using movies to cover up. While some are saying some mean words to her, others used the opportunity to catch fun, most of them saying “Nnayi sacrifice would use her for sacrifice” Referring to Kanayo.O.Kanayo as “Nnayi sacrifice ” due to his specialist in the Nollywood industry as a Ritualist. Others accused her of having affair with her so said uncle, saying an average Nigerian lady wouldn’t be sitting in an uncompromising manner with their uncle, Though some die hard fans of hers, still appreciated the picture, imploring her to ignore the bad mouted ones. After much search, there haven’t been any link to Kanayo .O. Kanayo and Destiny Etiko as Uncle and Niece or whatsoever. Another guy had suggested that Kanayo may be Destiny’s mentor and she may have chose to call him Uncle . Another also suggested that , she may be calling him that out of respect with no string attached. Following the comments section, Destiny Etiko made no attempt to react either Negatively or positive As a Celebrity, fans are bound to say some nasty and mean words at times, sometimes for clout – chasing and other motives. But these celebrities do ignore them sometimes.

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