Crush (All for the sake of one guy) A must read for all

Crush All in one Episode

You know that feeling when you have a crush on Someone,

I mean the opposite sex that sweet destructive feeling that makes you go crazy,

that feelings that can make you do stupid things….

Well that’s the feeling I have for Charles though the feeling isn’t mutual so I will just say I have a crush on him.

Charles is the new boy in our neighborhood….
The very first day I saw him I was on my way to iya Suleiman’s shop to buy spices for my mother when I saw a slim tall figure approaching me sorry he was going his own way

“Gosh! This guy is cute”

I said as soon as I was able to see his fine face this guy is far from being handsome In fact permit me to say he is beautiful.and i was already having a crush on him.

I kept looking back just to have a glimps of his figure until I tripped and fell down

“gosh! Hope he didn’t see me”

I murmured to myself standing up but no I looked back to see my crush looking at me I was covered with shame as I rushed to Iya sule’s shop to get what my mother sent me.
But the devil had decided to deal with me I forgot what my mother sent me as I just stood by the woman’s counter trying to remember.

“Yes what do you want to buy”

I heard iya sule asked
“em em I don’t know, is like I have forgotten”

I told her then waiting for her to pour her venom, I was fully prepared…..

ah!is it not iya sule again?!!

Mummy sulaiman popularly known and called iya sule is a Yoruba woman that owns and run a small food stock shop down the street,

if there’s anything I detest about the woman is the way she shouts down and insult any unfortunate child that happens to fall to her prey

She knows how to insult somebody whether old or not.

A typical Yoruba woman, though my mom is Igbo but the two women seems to gets along very well, in fact she’s my mother’s best friend.

Probably because they are both good at raining insults…..

“Oponu (fool)
what did you say your mother sent you to buy?”

She shouted bringing me out of my reverie

I stammered
” ehn ehn puff ni ode(no it’s puff stupid child),

you mean at your age you still don’t know how to run errands, your mate’s already have a home of their own and you’re here acting like a two year old….

I know she has started what she knows how to do best, so I kept quiet and watched her insult me.

She gave me the insult of my life that day, if not for packaging I would have cried my eyes out, but anything for my crush…. and yet I still went home with the bread to receive another round of insults from my mother in fact she nearly killed me with her poisonous words

but I didn’t just care

anything for the Angel I met today!

After that incident, at iya Suleiman’s shop I didn’t see Charles again
you see?

He’s just an Angel sent to come and tempt me but I don’t mind let him continue to tempt me I don’t care the amount of insults I will receive from my mother and iya sule am ready to remain useless just for the crush

I was on my way to Favour’s(my friend) house when I saw this familiar figure approaching

“Oh sweet Jesus! It’s him it’s Charles
It’s been weeks since I last saw him, I stopped in my track

” God why me, why today that am not wearing fine clothe, now he won’t like me, I soliloquies

If not that he had seen me already I would have rushed inside and change my clothes but it’s late already…..


I heard him greet

“Oh em hi”

I replied stuttering
“Yes I will date you I murmured to myself hoping he didn’t hear me….

” uh!
he said looking at me like am some kind of an idiot

“Sorry wasn’t referring to you”
I told him wondering why he stopped me in the first place if he wasn’t going to ask me out me….

Well he just introduced himself as Charles, and that he was looking for direction because they are new in my area…

Though I felt disappointed but I won’t give up now I just directed him then turned back and went inside
“am not going to that fools house again that girl is just bad luck for me….”
I soliloquize

Ever since I learnt that Charles lives in the same street with me I changed automatically

I no longer wear my house cloths, it’s now my church and outing clothes with heavy makeup on top,

but one thing I don’t understand is why he has refused to talk to me, I have greeted him so many times but he didn’t answer in fact he keeps acting like I don’t even exist…

is not like I did something wrong to him at least I can’t think of any…

My village people at work
God will surely fight for me
“Bia gift where are you going with that cloth”

I heard my mom asked one morning… What is this woman own now I murmured to myself
“Am going to fetch water”
I told her
“ehen I said it.. my enemies have finally succeeded “
my mom said clapping her hands in the air like someone who wants to kill a mosquito
“you wants to go and fetch water and you’re wearing your Christmas clothes ehn? even with heels, is this not the clothes I bought for you last December?”
She asked but I ignored her
“I have been watching you this past few days and I noticed some changes…but before you disgrace me I will beat that madness out of you”
She said further coming towards me,
I can only stand there if I Don’t know my mom too well,
I took to my heels carrying my water can along …
“just look at this woman she wants to spoil show for me this morning..
I said within me as soon as I have left the house, looking back, hoping that she don’t come after me
I wore my Christmas clothe because I over heard Charles telling his friend the previous day that he would come n fetch water in the morning so this might be my chance
I walked confidently to the stream all alone rehearsing what to say, how to smile and how to blush if he finally decides to talk to me….
on a normal day I would have gone to Favour’s house so we would come to the borehole together but the witch will just use her fine face to snatch my Charles away so is a no no
“Haba gift you just left without coming to call me”
I heard favour say, I was done fetching my water and was sitting on my can waiting for my Charles
when I heard her voice I turned around to apologize when I noticed she wasn’t alone,
she was with Charles…
the problem is not being with Charles but they were holding hands
Gosh!! my heart missed a beat
“Wh…wh..what are you doing with him?
I asked pointing at Charles
” You mean Charles? He’s my boyfriend the one I told you about”
The day Charles asked for direction he was actually looking for Favour’s house jeez I was too blinded by my feelings that I didn’t noticed…
“Oh gift you’re a fool, a big fool at that
if I had known that day I would have given him a wrong address, so all this while I have been wasting my time and I don’t know…

I said it before that favour is a bad luck to me instead of bringing favours to my life she’s tapping from the little one I have.
My God will surely fight for me

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