Clash of love

Clash of love
Stuck in between choosing her childhood Crush whom she had waited for so long, and her Newfound lover Bryan who has vowed to fight any man who nears his woman Tracy is confused.

Tracy Brown has just started making out with Bryan Daniel and was enjoying her love adventure but then Steve Johnson her childhood Crush shows up and wants her back, will she follow her heart and go with Steve leaving poor Bryan hurt , or will she consider Bryan’s feelings and continue with her love affairs?

Chapter 1

meeting Steve again after 15 whole years came as a shock and surprise to me, I know I wasn’t prepared yet I have yearned to meet him for so long now ,I will just say he came at the wrong time.

for the past years ever since we got separated, I’ve waited patiently for Steve not considering all the guys making advances towards me, I’ve always hoped and believed he will come for me, but not until few weeks back when I decided to give Bryan Daniel a chance since he wasn’t going to give up on me and beside my hope was failing and my faith was leaving me.

I was beginning to think that steve will never come for me who knows maybe he doesn’t even care about me, or all the memories we shared back then.
My name is Tracy Brown, a light skin cool headed girl of 23 years. well I’m still 22 but in few months time I will be 23 I am what you could describe as a hot sexy girl, with big ass and boobs. which is apparently why the guys are all over me well each trying their luck and getting frustrated at the end of the day so they back off.

I wasn’t ready for them, I was waiting for my Prince Charming Steve Johnson.

I could remember vividly why we have been separated for so long now, I was just 8 years then, and my father who was working in the military was transferred to the Eastern part of the country.

That was the worst news i have ever received all throughout my 22 years of existence. Steve was my childhood Crush, and still my crush maybe, though I haven’t set my eyes on him for years.

back then in the south side he was my best friend, though a nasty Guy and a pain in the ass, but now I found him so charming a romantic, making my heart skip a beat each time I remember him.

Steve’s family’s house was opposite ours, though father was in the military and the government provides houses in the Barack for the families of those who are in the military.
But my mother doesn’t like staying in the barrack for reasons best known to her and of course her husband my father.

So father had an apartment rented for us at the outskirt of the town, which is where Steve and I grew up.

Steve and I grew up together as friends and enemies too, kind of complicated right? whenever we go out to play on the field, Steve would always bring his dog along knowing fully well that I don’t like dogs he will send his dogs to lick me up squeezing life out of me.

I would always run home crying out loud and mother will go out scolding him but he wouldn’t stop scaring me, sometimes also when we go to the field to play, he will put a live spider on me and at this I would always jump up and shout at the top of my voice.

I don’t know, but I think he derives joy in making me cry, he was a nasty mean bully. though he would always stands in and protect me when other kids try to bully me.

I can never forget the day we went visiting a neighbours Animal Farm, we went to the goats house to play, and he pushed me down making me fall in the pen. I got my clothes stained from the content and the goat’s defecates.

I went home crying and mum on seeing me scolded the living life out of me also making me wash the clothes. I vowed never to talk to Steve again but then I found myself talking to him after sometimes.

Steve was a combination of both pain and happiness to me, he was my best friend. We weren’t really in good terms when my family was relocating, but we both cried knowing fully well we were going to miss each other.

Steve came standing beside our car and continuously bidding me Farewell till our car was out of sight I was broken.

“so what’s making my lady smile all to herself” that was Bryan’s voice making me jump out of my reverie.

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