Clash of love 9

Episode 9

Fourth day

I walked down the hallway, and into the accountant office as soon as Bryan had dropped me.

  Steve had earlier informed me to meet with Arian for clearance and submit the necessary files while I keep in touch in case I change my mind about his proposal, but of course I wasn’t going to change my mind cause it’s made up.

I had discussed it with Brian the previous day and he wasn’t in support, though I guess he was just saying that out of jealousy, but I still don’t know why Bryan is jealous of Steve.

I could have confronted him but I decided against that it’s best to let the sleeping dog lie, I went outside the building after I had done clearing out with Arian I hung my backpack filled with my work tools accross my shoulder, Bryan was still waiting outside for me.

I hopped in his car removing my backpack to relieve myself off the too much load,
  “I’m back”
I announce to him as if he didn’t know, he nodded his head ,started in engine and we drove out.

The drive to my apartment was awkward Bryan refused talking to me despite all my effort to get him to talk he kept nodding his head and faking a smile at any joke I throw out until I got tired and decided to let him be.

what I still don’t understand is why his countenance changed, he was himself when he was driving me to S and J, I wonder Why his emotions suddenly changed.

   “Bryan what is wrong with you”
I inquired as soon as he has dropped me off and wanted to leave,
   “I don’t get what you are saying”
he said squeezing his face       “your mood these days, this minute you are cool and you are yourself, the other minute, your mood is changed. and you are not even talking to me about it”
I told him .

He kept quiet for a while,looking at me then he turned around to leave
  “if you step out of this room without a word to me I will quit this relationship”
I threatened, at this he turned back and smile

  “I knew all along, I knew you had eyes for him”
Bryan said with a sad smile
  “I don’t get you Bryan, what are you saying? had eyes for who?…
   “for your boss”
he shouted
  “why would you say such a thing?… you know that guy irritates me! I would have accepted his offer without even telling you if I had a crush on him so what exactly is your problem? I shouted back at him.

“Irritates you? wait till you find out who you is I’m sure he wouldn’t irritate you again….” just then my cell phone rang I checked it was steve, I wonder why he was calling me, I was going to pick it when Bryan spoke up

  “I know he would call you”
he said and walked out, I stood transfixed I don’t seem to understand the whole drama, why is Bryan acting strange I asked myself as I sunk onto a nearby cushion cuddling my little self with tears rolling down my cheeks.

I can’t deny the fact that I love Bryan, or should I say I have grown to love him. all these while we had never had any serious issue and the little times we do, it’s always my fault, but this time around I don’t think I am guilty.

I sucked all night feeling uneasy I couldn’t even breathe normal, my heart was beating fast and I was breaking down how on earth did Bryan came up with this feelings! I asked myself.

  I woke up the next morning feeling sick, my head was blank, I have forgotten all the drama of the previous day.

I couldn’t tell why my head was heavy, standing up from the bed I saw I hadn’t changed my clothes from the previous day, then everything was coming clear I had managed to drag myself to the bed and slept off without changing to my nightmare.

I picked up my phone to check what time it is, what! I exclaimed in shock…. 12 missed calls! I unlocked my phone to check who the caller was, I hissed at the name.
Steve was the caller, why is he calling me? I ask myself as I layed back on bed stairing at the ceiling,

just then my phone rang I checked it was still Steve I picked it up and kept mute, 

   “good morning Tracy”
he greeted,
    “erm…. “
I stammered, I didn’t know what to say,
    “I was wondering, if your schedule is not tight, we could go out for lunch today”
he asked
   “what exactly do you want from me”
I fired at him,
   “seems you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today miss brown!”
he said more like a statement than aquestion.

   “Look Steve!….I appreciate your kindness towards me, but please can you stop calling me even if it matters relating to work because I’m not sure I will still want to work with you. I have a lot of problems going on in my life already of which you are a part of it”
I told him trying to be as cool as I can and immediately hung up.

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