Clash of love 8

Episode 8 Tracy

“Tracy are you there”
steve asked coming into the hallway,I was in the middle of my editing, I stood  up startled at his voice.

I have been so focused and lost in my work that I didn’t notice when he came in

“Oh yes”
I said getting back to my work “is lunch already, and I have called your phone so many times without any response so I decided to come check if you are okey”
Steve said keeping a straight face

“oh I didn’t know”
I said picking my phone to check .I have silenced it earlier so I wouldn’t get distracted
“I’m sorry”
I said dropping the phone back but wait a sec! does he really deserve that sorry? I was saying in my head
he asked stretching out his hands towards me
“I’m just trying to save the file so I wouldn’t lost my progress”
I told him and shut down the PC after saving.

Ignoring his outstretched hand, I walked out through the door and he came after. We walked in silence without saying any word to each other till we got to the coffee shop, he had earlier secured a place for us before coming to fetch me.

He led me to a corner, we sat down and two cups of  warm coffee was brought to us immediately. Had I been the one to make my order, I would have demanded for a hot chocolate instead.. all the same I thanked him for the coffee and took my first brief sip.

“I watched the live interview this morning,and I’m quiet impressed”
he said not looking up
“thank you” I replied with a rather chilly voice

“Look I’m sorry for today, I…” “you don’t have to be sorry”
I said carelessly interrupting him, he nodded his head  taking his coffee for the first time since we were served.

I observe him carefully I figured out he wanted to say something but don’t know how to ,
  “So why did you call for this lunch”
I asked not really interested he kept quiet for a while, that for some time I felt he has forgotten about my presence, I made no attempt to remind him I was still there though, if we are just going to sit down here and sip our coffee without saying a word I wouldn’t mind but one thing I’m sure is that this is just going to be our last lunch.

  “Miss Brown do you have another project at hand after this contract? steve suddenly asked addressing me as miss brown again and not Tracy.

I wonder if I can ever understand the man sitting right opposite me this minute he’s feeling emotional and humanely, the other minute he’s keeping a straight face making it different to understand his mood.

  “Not really but I will be going over to my parents to spend some time with them and get busy on my studio”
I told him wondering why he asked.

  “What if I decided to keep you?,  like I want to make you a staff”
he asked looking at me seriously
“No thanks”
  “And why No”
he asked
  “I love to be independent, I hate being under someone”
I told him looking at my coffee and stirring it
   ‘Miss Brown I will pay you handsomely, and you are not going to be under nobody, no ordering around and beside they are a lot of other benefits attached. I will still give you the opportunity to work for other firms when they call you I just want to retain you to show appreciation for your work” he explained looking deeply at me.

“I really appreciate your kind gesture but I…..” I was saying when he cut me short
  “think about it”
he said and stood up ready to leave
“am off, I have a lot to do in the Office and the lunch break is over. You can order for more coffee if you want, I will sort it out later and don’t forget to think about the offer”
he said and left.

I felt a pang of anger rising inside of me
“whothe heck does this guy thinks he is? why would he even work away in the middle of the discussion commanding me to think about his proposal as if it’s a life-changing opportunity”
I tried cooling off the anger in me and in a single gulp I finished all the coffee and walked out of the cafeteria.

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