Clash of love 7

Episode 7

I woke up the next morning with the thought of the previous day discussion with mother still very fresh in my memory,

I figured out that is the reason Bryan has been cold towards me even when he dropped me off on the first day.

But I still don’t know what led him to think of such I was angry,  even if he had suspected anything he should have confronted me first before going to my mother .

“I won’t be sleeping over today”
I told my parents at the dining  as soon as I had gulped down my hot tea.

“your mother and I had made plans for you to stay here until you are fully okey”
father told me
“know way father I’m okey now”
I told him, but he protested.

I wasn’t ready to argue with him, I pick up my bag and left I was going to confront Bryan after work.

I got to office, Arian was already at work,  I asked after Steve and she told me he has not yet arrived I want straight to the hall to set my work tools ready, Arian walks in some minutes later smiling sheepishly

  “hey what’s up with you”
I asked her looking behind to see if she was with anyone    “Nothing just came to check up on you”
she said still smiling
‘then why the mischievous smile?
I asked
  “nothing really…. one Bryan guy was here yesterday looking for you, gosh! he is so cute and charming I stood staring at him for ages like a fool and you know at a point I transferred the Crush I was having on my boss to him.”

  ” Like seriously Arian!…..”
I burst out laughing interrupting her..

  “you can hook us up right? tell him some pretty girl is crushing on him”
Arian said raising her eyebrows.

I didn’t know if she was joking or really saying out her feelings but I kept on laughing

  “Did I hear you say transferring your crush on your to him?…. like you really have a crush on your rude boss? I asked still Laughing

  “Yes, I crush on every single cute guy that comes my way”
She said feigning shy

“You are just impossible……well Bryan is my boyfriend so keep off “
I said jokingly.

“So you also have eyes for cute guys…. I thought you are only concerned about your work” she asked smiling sheepishly,

“you are just impossible”
I said getting serious,  I figured out that is the best opportunity to ask her about her boss.

  “So Arian tell me, doesn’t your boss has a wife or maybe a girlfriend”
I asked,

  “Well I don’t think he has any, he doesn’t even get along well with women”
“is he gay”
I asked a little bit shock!

Just then , the door flung open and steve popped his head in demanding to see Arian in his office immediately.

My heart skipped a beat I could feel my temperature Rising I hope he didn’t hear our discussion I asked Arian as soon as we had left.

  “I don’t even know”
she said running after him, I could see that she was tensed and I felt for her. I wonder what she was still doing working for Steve when she could easily resign and search for other work out there.

I was still thinking when the door creaked open and Arian entered looking down

“My boss sent for you”
she said and walked out, she had probably had it hot with steve.

   “Okey I’m coming”,
I said after her but she was gone and I guess she didn’t hear me.

I I walked straight to Steve’s office on seeing me, he stood up. I could see he was angry for a minute or two he didn’t speak to me i guess he was trying to suppress his anger

“Miss Brown you are here for work and not gossip”
he said with a cool voice his face was still red and his veins were showing clearly on his forehead and hands.

“I don’t see any reason why you should be gossiping with Arian this early morning when you both are supposed to mind your works…… he was saying when I interrupted him, I wouldn’t let him insult me by calling me a gossip simply because I signed a contract with him, he could do that Arian but definitely not me.

  “First Steve I’m not a gossip, and secondly we ain’t gossiping”
I said with a high-pitched voice

“And third ?
he asked, annoying me more but I chose to answer him

  “And third I wouldn’t let you insult me because I signed a four days contract with your company”
I said expecting him to do the worse but he stood watching me without any word when it seems he wasn’t going to say anything I turned towards the door to leave, when he called.

  “Tracy! “

he called with a cool voice who could believe that this guy with a gentleman’s voice is a pained ass guy, I turned around his face has turned white and he was looking sorry

“Can I see you at lunch?
He asked. I nodded my head in agreement I was ready to talk back at him if he talks harshly to me, I’m never gonna give him chances even if it’s going to cut off the contract and of course I know he wouldn’t do that he has no time to deliver the projects to the product company and I have done a lot already so he couldn’t possibly terminate the contract.

I walked back to the hall and sulked down on a chair, I couldn’t understand why this is bothering me.

probably because I didn’t give it hot to him as I had wanted, I stood up to complete my work and maybe to distract myself from thinking about Steve.

I put a call across the guy whom I’m going to be using for the product review and interview, luckily he was around so he came up as soon as I had dropped the phone.

this was the last part of the project review before editing and production, the guys seems a lot more experience in his job as he made the interview swift and smooth  while the video was on and within a short time we were through with his part.

I had intended to do the editing and production the next day but with the condition of my brain I decided to do it so I wouldn’t have to think about Steve, and if I could finish everything I will just hand him the project and clear the contract and leave his company for good.

I wouldn’t want him bossing me around like I’m his child or some kind of a housemaid other than a young girl on a contract.

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