Clash of love

A fight for love , episode 6

I got to the cafeteria, the room was cold and the light dim.

Pictures of sea animals were pasted on the walls , I looked around in search of Steve , then my eyes fell on a corner .

the wall was made of glass , on the outside was a sea , or maybe a pool of water  different maybe of sea creatures were flowing happyly.

I wondered if this was still part of the company’s building, then I remembered few years back when my family and I had gone on a holiday in the Mediterranean Sea,

I have contacted cold and father cut our  holiday Short.

Everything in the cafeteria look exactly like the one my family and I had visited on board, I turned around to leave I was getting cold and if I didn’t leave and I might end up not completing the contract in four days .

I heard someone called, as I held the door knob trying to open, I turned around to see Steve standing behind me.

I wondered why he called me by my first name instead of the usual “miss brown” 
“Oh Steve! I was getting cold ,so I had to leave” I tried to explain to him.

   “Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier that it is always cold in here, let’s go over there, is warmer”  he said pointing to another section of the cafeteria Where the Light was brighter and a soft song was playing.

  “Spending another minute in here means inviting my death Steve! I can’t risk another second here”
I said opening the door to leave and he followed me outside.

  “Maybe we could go to the coffee shop”
  he suggested and I nodded my head in agreement and followed him.

   We got to the coffee shop, it was a little bit warmer compared to the Seafood shop, we sat on one of the four tables at a corner.

I was shivering with cold I guess I had contacted cold, Steve offered me his jacket but I refused , he ordered for two cups of coffee which was brought to our table almost immediately.

“You look dead Tracy! are you sure you don’t want the jacket?” He asked me stretching the jacket towords me, I nodded my head negatively.

“Stop being stubborn else you will contract pneumonia”
he told me throwing the jacket at me, i know he was saying the truth anyway but I wanted him to see that I’m a tough girl.

   “No I’m fine”
I wanted to say “thank you” but I sneezed instead and immediately hiccups run down my nose I searched my bag for some tissue or towel, I found a towel and dabbed my nose with it looking embarrassed.

  I lifted my cup of coffee to my lips and gulped down everything within a seconds, not minding the hotness.

  ” I’m sorry Steve!….. I don’t think I will be able to stay till the end of the day, I need some medications” I told him crodsing my hands Across my breast .

    He nodded his head and stood up,
“I will drive you home”
he said, I was going to remind him that he hasn’t touched his coffee but I stood up and followed him instead.

I couldn’t tell how he was feeling with his expressionless face. He dropped me off and left immediately, without even saying goodbye or get well soon.

   He had been quiet all throughout the drive even when I asked him why he had wanted to see me he told me it would be better to talk about it some other time, I had left him after so many failed attempt to get him to talk.

   I went into my apartment after his car has disappeared out of sight, I called my mum to tell her I was coming to spend some time with her.

I decided I was going to get drugs on my way to my parents house, I got a few clothes ready and left.

Mother was so happy to see me that she didn’t notice I was sick, it’s been long she saw me though, because I was always busy with work

“is a good thing you came to see us Tracy!,  I have been so worried since the last time Bryan called to know if you are here”
she said giving me a hug.

   “You all should stop  worrying bout me, I’m not a child anymore for God’sake”
I told her .

   “Well you might be grown up but you are still my baby….you know!”
she said in a sing-song voice

“where is father?”
I asked after a few minutes of not seeing him around
“he went down to the Jones to fix something”
mother said referring to father’s old time friend
“those two” I said smiling as I stood up to make myself a cup of coffee.

  “Tracy are you okey”
Mother asked looking at me            “yes I’m good!………why?
“you look sick and tired”
  “well that’s because I have been very busy for a while now!…… but I am fine, I will just take a cup of coffee and relax then I will be fine” I assured her I know she wasn’t fully convinced but she nodded her head in agreement.

  “Bryan was here earlier today”
mother said
  “He came to check up on you? I asked
  “No mother said coming to sit with me he feels you are having a crush on your boss”.

My hands stucked Midway to my mouth, I was shocked. I wondered why Bryan would think of such,
mother asked looking at me suspiciously .

  “Hey! Stop looking at me that way, and first steve is not my boss!  I am just on a four days contract and after that I will leave his company for good!

and secondly the guy is so rude and annoying I can’t possibly have a crush on him I don’t even like him I told her Sternly.

The play boy I fell in love with

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