Clash of love 5

Episode 5 love Tracy

 Bryan stopped in front of my apartment and turn off the car engine, he placed his head on the stereo with his eyes closed I noticed he was worried 

“are you alright Bryan”
I asked placing my hands on his back He rose his head immediately
“oh yes just that I have something important to attend to”
“Something I Should Know?”
I asked raising my eyebrows
“Oh is nothing I have to go now” he said placing his lips on mine with his hand across my head we kissed for some minutes before he finally disengage I could tell he’s not so interested in the kiss as he is pretended to be
“I will call you later at night I have to go now”
he said I can see the worry lines on his face and eyes but Bryan is not someone to force to talk when he doesn’t want to.

I stood watching him as he started his car engine and left I couldn’t tell what was bothering him so I went into my apartment.

I was feeling tired I decided to make myself a cup of coffee after leaving my bathroom I hung my backpack walked to the bathroom pull out my clothes and slide into the bathub .

I laid down, placing my head at the top with the tap running then I remember the CEO and his attitude towards me earlier I remember he has been mean to me at the first day also, I wonder if he’s always like this, or probably something is eating him up I was still thinking about him when my childhood memory with Steve came flooding my head.

I wondered where he is, what he will be doing at this time ,he will probably be with his girlfriend or maybe his wife I wonder if he’s missing me just like I am.

I’ve gone in search of him with my mum two years ago that was when I was so desperate to meet with Steve Johnson again but then we were told there was no family like the Johnson’s living in that vicinity.

But in my desperation we were lucky to find an old couple who happened to be one of our neighbours back then but they told us that the Johnsons had left three years after we left to an unknown destination.

I’ve been so depressed on hearing the news I cried day and night mother had beged me to forget about him and move on, but it wasn’t easy for me Bryan have been there also comforting me. He have been a good guy from the onset that I can’t bring myself to hurting him.

I wonder why I’m thinking so much about Steve again these days, i thought I’ve out grown the thought of him. Realizing I have been in the bathtub for ages I stood up, collected my towel, clean myself up and slide into my nightie (pyjamas) and walk to my bedroom.

I was very hungry but didn’t have the appetite to take anything not even the hot steaming coffee I had longed for before entering the bathroom.

I picked up my phone to call Bryan but on a second thought I decided to send him a goodnight message instead I switch off my phone after the message was delivered, laid down straight on my bed with my face down and slept off.

"Good morning miss Brown" Steve greeted me as I entered the hallway 

“oh good morning”
I stammered ,I noticed he was just coming to work.

He stood for a while I thought he was going to say something, but instead he walked away. I watch is tall handsome figure disappeared into his office I wondered what kind of a man he is as I walked into the hall where am making videos of the products the company is advertising.

“In for lunch at noon?”
I was startled at The Voice I turned around to find steve right at the door with the door have opened
” Why”
“I still have a lot to do so I guess I will be busy during the lunch break”
“It’s a four days contract miss brown, and you have covered a lot already. beside I don’t want you to rush things I want the best results”
“Exactly why I’m working so hard”
I protested
“Meet me at the seafood cafeteria”
he said and bang the door before me.

I gnashed my teeth in Anger “Who does this man thinks he is”
I sunk in on a nearby seat, trying to cool off the anger boiling in me.

After much contemplation I decided I wasn’t going to hounour the lunch invitation.

I was reviewing my work when the receptionist walked in and told me Steve was waiting for me at the cafeteria I checked my time and saw it was noon
“I’ll be with him soon”
I lied to her, I didn’t know why I wasn’t interested in meeting with Steve maybe because he have been mean to me all this while or probably because I was trying to avoid him.

my phone rang after some minutes I check the caller is a private number I picked the call, Steve’s voice came through almost immediately demanding to see me immediately without waste of time.

I guess he was thinking I wouldn’t take the call if he had called with the company’s line, though his bossy words was choking I decided to go see him.

Clash of love 5

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