Clash of love 4

LoveEpisode 4


I woke up the next morning feeling nervous I couldn’t tell why, I laid Lazily on the bed with my eyes closed searching for my phone which I have kept on my bed before sleeping last night.

My hands got hold of it I pick it up to check the time just then a text from Bryan wishing me good luck on the contract came in, he have been cold towards me ever since our little beef at my studio after staring at the message for sometimes, i dialed his number and he picked up almost immediately.

we spoke for some minutes I apologized for being rude the previous day and he assured me we are cool

“Miss Brown, of what do I call this late coming”
that was Steve’s voice yelling I turned towards the door to see him glaring hard at me with a red face, hands in his pocket.

I have spoken at length with Bryan that morning just to make up for my rudeness the previous day which is why I’m late but come on, this is just a few minutes past the scheduled time and this man is already on my neck planning to eat me up.

“If I hadn’t spoken to you the last time you were here,I would have assumed you are dumb or maybe deaf too”
Steve said again with his face red
“Is that how you are going to work with us miss Brown? I’m afraid if things continue this way I might have to replace you because I won’t take any form of unseriousness from anyone”

By the time he could finish I was already tensed but decided to keep shut, I know  replying him wouldn't be a good thing and might complicate issues, So I just ignored him and continued with what I was doing turning my back on him.

The room was silent for some time, though I could still feel his presence but I made no attempt to say a word to him I heard the door Banged after what seems like an ages to me, I turned back and he was gone I turned to my work a little bit relief.

I was getting my camera ready for the job I remember the kind receptionist had told me earlier that morning that her boss was angry for failing to come at the scheduled time, I have checked my time at that time and saw that It was just 2 minutes late so I didn’t take it that serious but with this attitude this guy just this displayed I didn’t know what to say of it I was having mixed feelings.

I resolve to avoid Steve and anything that will get him angry till I’m done with my contract while I still carry on with my investigations, I know the only way to get this guy true identity is by making friends with the kind receptionist.

I walked up to the receptionist after the day’s work……
“your boss seems to me like one who doesn’t joke with time” I said to her smiling trying to engage her in a chit chat
“yes he is hope he wasn’t too mean to you earlier this morning”
she asked
“No not at all, I perfectly understand I will just have to adjust and try to meet up with time” I said smiling.

Just then I heard the hunk of Bryan’s car he has promised to come pick me up after work when we spoke that morning “oh that’s my boyfriend”
I told Arian (the receptionist) as I pick up my backpack and hung across my shoulder I bid her farewell and left.

“You seem so excited, I guess you had fun today”
bryan said as soon as I had entered the car giving me a warm kiss

“Fun? hell no”
“And why is that”
“Dude was very angry with me because I was 2 minutes late to work”
” it shows he’s a very disciplined man”
“Maybe, but the fact is that he spoilt my mood the whole day and I avoided him throughout…… you know at a point I started to regret why I accepted the contract I wanted to quit but I think the best thing to do now is to continue to avoid him till I’m done I will leave his company for good” “Nice decision”

Bryan said igniting the car engine and that was when I realise we were still in the company’s vicinity I’ve been so engrossed in my complaints that I didn’t notice he haven’t started the engine I sighed, resting my head on the car door with my eyes tightly closed.

The memory of my family relocating to the south side and steve running after our car flooded my head…

” tired “
I heard Bryan asked
I lied to him .of course I’ve told him everything about Steve and I before we started dating and he assured me he doesn’t mind if I still have a place in my heart for Steve. But I know he was just saying and will be hurt to know that I’m still thinking about Steve and I can’t bring myself to hurting him.

“You know quitting the contract at this point will only prove the point that you are unserious with your work and I’m sure you wouldn’t want him to think such?”
“Of course not and that is why I have decided to stay but to avoid him”
“you can’t avoid your boss Tracy”
“I will work with his receptionist”
I assured him
“alright just be careful not to lose the contract”
Bryan said at last .

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