Clash of love 3

Chapter 3

“Lord save me from this mess” I said to myself as I laid down on my bed thinking about my meeting with the CEO earlier today, all throughout the day I haven’t been myself I kept thinking about thisguy, then it occurred to me that I don’t even know much about the guy I’m secretly dying for not even his name all I know is that he is the CEO of S And J Advertising company.

But these are abreviations , and i don’t even know what those abbreviations stands for probably because I didn’t care to know and I didn’t care to know because I felt is none of my business
All I just wanted to do is my job and then forget about them.

I was still thinking when I remembered he shoved a paper into my hand when I was leaving and I didn’t even take a second look at what it was before putting it into the pocket of my jacket.

I stood up, collected my jacket from the wardrobe I was searching the pockets when I found a complimentary card I looked at it, Steve Johnson was boldly printed in black ink on the card as the CEO of S And J advertising company.

“Steve Johnson?”
I murmured to myself as I hung the jacket back on the wardrobe still holding tight the card
“Steve Johnson”
I said again for the umpteenth time as I lay down on bed facing the rooftop.

It’s been ages since I last heard that name, could it be the Steve Johnson I have been waiting for? probably not the city is large and there could be a lot of people bearing the same name and surname I tried to convince myself but the more I try to forget it the more I kept thinking about it and the more my childhood memories with the real Steve Johnson kept playing in my head.
I woke up the next morning stressed out probably from last night thinking I’ve slept off while still holding the card.
I stood up from bed to go get myself a cup of hot coffee to soothe my nerves, my left hand pressed against something on the bed while I was trying to stand up.

I picked it up, it’s the card I took a quick glance at it then fling it back on my bed,
“I’m going to make my investigation”
I said to myself as I want straight to my kitchen to get the coffee.

My mind traveled back to the previous days meeting with the CEO I wonder why I wasn’t bold enough to talk in his presence, probably because of the foolish feelings, I couldn’t even say what the feelings was all about.

I said Aloud
“I shouldn’t be thinking about this guy this early morning”
I need to go through my morning chores and get to my studio very early because I have a lot to do in my studio in preparation for the contract which is scheduled to start the next day.

I started counting the days task gesticulating with my finger so I could distract myself from the foolish thoughts.

Bryan called popping his head in through the door,I smiled at the sound of his voice.
“Come in”
I said in a low voice.

He walked in and sat down without saying a word to me not even the usual kiss or hug I left the film strip I was trying to insert into my camera on my table and walks towards him, his face looks dead
“hey what’s up with you”
I asked but he ignored me I drew my chair closer to his

“Bryan, you look worried what is wrong with you”
After some seconds of not getting any answer from me I stood up and walked away picking my camera and the film strips to continue with what I was doing since he wasn’t going to say anything to me.

“Alright since you have decided not to talk sooth yourself I said turning my back on him
“Tracy you got me worried” he finally spoke
“About what”
I asked still busy with my camera
“I called last night to check on you and to know how the contract went but you didn’t pick my call”
“well I was tired so I slept off”
I interrupted
“But I also called you this morning you still didn’t pick my call, had to rush to your house very early everywhere was locked up, rushed to your studio it was still locked I called your mum to confirm but she said you weren’t there have to check up on you again this afternoon before I can decide on the next step to take”
he was saying with a bitter voice now.

Though I have seen his call that money when I checked my phone and decided I will call him later but I’ve been so busy that I totally forgot about it.

“Bryan you really don’t have to get worried about me, beside I’m not a child”
I said facing him this time around he nodded his head quietly without saying any more word
“Sorry I said to him I’ve known him for ages now and I have never seen him in this mood before, I wondered if he has other things bothering him but then I didn’t want to ask questions

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