Clash of love 2

Episode 2


I met Bryan during my last days in college, just like the other guys, he was a pest in my life , no matter how much I shouts at him he never gets tired pestering my life.

he was kind of a cool headed guy though, handsome and has an attractive physic too.Many girls in my college likes him and flaunts around him so I wonder why he chose a girl who doesn’t even care about his existence and that is me.

Bryan didn’t give up on me even after our College he kept in contact well I knew the poor guy isn’t going to give up on me, Bryan is the kind of guy that will never stop going after what he wants no matter the circumstances so I had to put him in the Friend Zone.

And from just being ordinary friends we became best of friends, we would always go out for lunch together study together and take pictures together.

And he would always come around in my studio helping me out and keeping me company.

Well I’m a professional photographer, I’ve always loved photography since I was 3 and on my 7th birthday my parents gifted me a small digital camera, which I always cling to even while sleeping and ever since then my love for photography and nature grew even more and I resort to being a photographer after college.

Every one thought Bryan and I were dating including my mum,though was beginning to get too attached to him and I was developing feelings for him still waiting for my Steve I decided to accept Bryan to know if I can forget about Steve and move on.

I stood up on hearing Bryan’s voice…
“oh nothing just remembered something funny”
I lied to him coming to hug hime he held me back to his body for some time as I was trying to disengage, then released me and gave me a sweet smile.

” you look all excited to see me I know you will miss me” he said going to sit on one of the chairs in my studio
“miss you?”
I asked with a smirk on my face “you wish”
I finally added giving out a loud laugh.

His face looks dead,
“well I’m not hurt”
he said after a while twisting his face in a way that says “I don’t care”
“oh poor guy” I said jokingly as we both bust out laughing.

I won’t deny the fact that Bryan is a sweet Guy, though he can be naughty and annoying sometimes.

“An advitisement company called me today for a four days contract and I will be going there tomorrow morning” I told Bryan

“wow that’s cool I’m happy for you” he said
“you know what Tracy?”
” what”
I asked raising my eyebrows “I’m just so happy for you”
“for what”
I asked with my eyes still puckered up while I’m trying to fix something on my camera “that you have finally achieved your dream”
he said with a sweet smile on his face I just nodded my head and smiled back.

I woke up the next morning feeling all excited I couldn’t tell why, probably because of the job offer but come on this is not the first time I’m having such an offer though this particular offer is from a very big and popular company.

” this is certainly going to be a good day”
I said to myself as I stood up from my bed humming Celine Dion’s immortality, looking at the time I saw it was already past 7 and my appointment is exactly by 8, I rushed into my bedroom to freshen up in less than 30 minutes I was all dressed up and I left.

I walk into the company holding tight my camera bag, as I walked into the reception room I I met a female receptionist busily looking down on the screen of her pc which is on the her desk.

I greeted, calling her attention “hi, I guess you are the photographer”
she asked and I nodded my head with a smile, she put a call across her boss who asked me to come in.

she led me to his office and left, I stood there staring at the handsome, hot, young guy, sitting right opposite me, my heart skipped a beat I couldn’t explain the funny feelings surging through my heart

I heard the hot guy calling out “my manners”
I murmured to myself taking a seat which he has offered me earlier everywhere was quiet for some time except for the rattling noise of a stack of papers he is going through then suddenly he looked.

“Miss Brown,……I Believe by now you must have gone through your email, and know what the job is all about?” Not really expecting an answer so I just nodded my head in affirmation .

“great then I believe you will do a grea……. tea or coffee? He asked mid sentence
I answered or avoiding his gaze
“then I will take it you declined the job offer”
he said going through the stack of papers he was checking earlier, pretending to be so busy.

I said in a low voice, he stopped looked at my face for a while then without saying a word to me he put a call across requesting for two cups of coffee.

“I was saying you will do a great job right?… I saw your previous works for others and it suits my taste which is why I contacted you”

the door Creeked open and the Beautiful receptionist I had met earlier came in with a medium sized jug and two cups on a tray, she worked inside gently drop it on the table and ask her boss if he would need her to do anything else for him of which he nodded his head negatively.

she smiled and walked out
“Sir we haven’t heard about the price, I was hoping……….
“I’ll pay you handsomely if you do a good job”
he interrupted me I wanted to say something but decided to keep shut, as we sip our coffee in silence.
I rushed mine so I could go back to my studio, I finished my coffee thank him and left.

I couldn’t understand myself, everything about the man I met today kept playing in my head his voice was echoing and the mere thought of him keeps driving me crazy…. Lord! I just hope I’m not lusting after this guy.

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