Clash of love 13

Episode 13

Clash of love 13

Steve’s girlfriend left him 17 years ago I said to myself again,

I went back to my chair I couldn’t concentrate on the project I was working on earlier before he walked in, I just packed my things and went home.

I got home immediately and laid on bed, I just realised it hurts me to see Steve hurt, his  case looks familiar with mine though,

his girlfriend left him 17 years ago and I also have been in search of my childhood Crush for 17 whole years or so what a coincident I said to myself smiling bitterly as hot bitter tears find its way down my cheeks.

know that I still wished so much to meet with Steve (my childhood crush )again yes I know it isn’t going to change anything I mean I can’t possibly go back to him because I’m married to Bryan but I just want to see him for the sake of it,

I decided I was going to meet with Steve secretly without Bryan knowing about it, after all is just a harmless lunch as had tagged it.

I picked up my phone and head over to my contact list to search for his number I went through for some minutes I didn’t see it then I remembered I have deleted it the night Bryan came shouting after her wedding,

“oh gosh!
what am I to do now? I can’t possibly go to his office bthen I thought struck my mind I was going to get his number from Arian,

I immediately searched Arian and her number popped up,I dialed and she picked up almost immediately,

after so much talks she sent the number through I thanked her and quit the call, I was going to call Steve the next day when I get to the studio and tell him I have finally decided to have lunch with him.

   Steve was so happy when I gave him time for the lunch he chose the coffee shop in his company I objected but after so much plea’s, I decided to take the risk anyway.

I got to SnJ at the schedule time and walk into Steve’s office avoiding Ariana, I decided I was going to see her after the lunch, Steve couldn’t get his eyes off me making me uncomfortable as I walked over to his visitors sit smiling.

  “If you are just going to sit there stairing at me all day it’s fine by me”
I said to Steve with a little smile on my lips
“oh forgive my manners,just that you look so different today”
he says stressing the difference.

  “Difference?…… like facial appearance or my dressing”
I said with the smile still hanging on my lips
“oh nevermind”
he said standing up and giving me his hands,

  “shall we”
he asked with a smile
  “oh yes”
I said giving him my hands and allowing him to lead me to the coffee shop,

I wonder why he chose this place instead of some eateries out there, but somehow I get to like the plan it is a hidden place and Bryan can’t get to see us here anyway so that just a perfect plan.

   “So why did you chose here instead of some lunch rooms out there? I asked as soon as we are seated and have been served our coffee,

  “the very first time I saw you, I felt something for you but my love for you grew here… probably didn’t notice Tracy”    Steve said with a little smile,

  “you remind me so much of my first and only girlfriend, and coincidentally, you share the same name with her……..,

probably that’s why I’m also falling for you, though I have met so many Tracy’s, in my search but non acts exactly like my little girlfriend except you. But then you are still not my Tracy and I can’t seem to find my Tracy. I gave up on my search when I found you I never knew you were engaged”
Steve explained

I opened my mouth in shock I didn’t know what to say my first crush name was Steve, Steve Johnson!……my father used to be in the military and then we were in the Southside,

growing up with Steve is the sweetest thing ever, though he was a pain in the ass but I still like him because he was my best friend and the only friend I ever had. but then my dad was transferred and we have to relocate, I missed him! I have searched for him but I can’t find him”
I was telling Steve my story with a bitter smile he wasn’t saying anything he just sat stairing at me like a lost sheep

“Tracy Brown!”
Steve called in a way that reminds me of my childhood days with my Steve, whenever he makes me cry and has a smirk on his face
he called again,

by the time I could understand what was going on steve has already rushed over to my own side of the table dragging me up and hugging me tight turning over our table with our coffee mug breaking on the floor and thereby spilling its contents.

   “Steve is this really you?”
I asked disengaging from the hug a little and looking deeply into his face as if to make sure, and hugging tightly again

“Tracy where have you been?” Steve asked still holding me tight
“I should be asking you that, I have searched everywhere for you steve”
I told him.

we stayed in that position for ages,  and when we finally disengage he took me by the hand and lead me out of the shop I didn’t know where he was taking me to but I followed him he led me out and to his car,

  I sat down wondering what he is up to,
“where are you taking me to”
I asked
he said,

I kept quiet watching him as he drove with smile on his face,
the car came to a halt and right in front of me was a garden I came out amazed by the site,

“where is this”
I asked 
“just come with me”
he said dragging me along we went into the garden it was a beautiful one with beautiful roses and this is a perfect place for young lovers,

“how come all these while I have been in this town I haven’t noticed this place”
I wondered aloud, Steve’s sighed, crossing his left hand round my neck and standing beside me.

  “This is where I usually come to make wishes, and just few days ago I came here to wish you grant my lunch and funny love you did and turns out  that all my other wishes were also granted, now I know why I feeling so much to have this lunch with you”
Steve said with a sad tune

I looked him in the face, and although he was smiling I could tell that he was sad I hugged  him for the umpteenth time,

  “Steve are you okey”
he said disengaging and walking over to a seat in the garden, I followed suit and sat beside him,

   “Tracy I was waiting for you, I waited for you but you never cared about me, about us!…..even when I gave up on my search I was feeling something for you but now you are married……”
Steve was saying I couldn’t help it, I was hurt.

    “I’m sorry Steve, I really care!…all this while I have been in search, I got sick so many times because I was waiting for you,

I turned down so many guys, but Bryan wasn’t ready to give up, my family gets to like him and the pressure was much.

Though I made it clear to him about you and he promised to behave, but a few months ago he was changing,

his insecurities was becoming much I couldn’t say no when he proposed that would make me and Ingrate, I didn’t want to hurt him after all the stress I have put you through that would make me a very bad person”

I explained to steve and he nodded his head without saying anything

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